Monday, January 10, 2011

Big, BIG news!

Ok, I will start this post off and tell you right away that the big news is not that we are pregnant. Haha. Just wanted to get that out of the way because at least 2 times now, when we were telling people this big news and started off with "we have BIG news"...that was their assumption! So up-front, that's not it!

But it is pretty big. Wait for it, wait for it. It's about this guy:

Jimmy got a new job! He starts on January 31st at....Hallmark Cards! Yep, how great is that?! We will technically be "co-workers", however we won't work together, so even better! He will be working on the Gold Crown sales team to sell Hallmark products to a territory within the United States. He'll be sitting in a building just a few floors down and over from me, so now we can have lunch dates, which will be fun :) In terms of riding together...well...we will just try to figure out what works best for us! I know he will love the company and I'm sure he will love the work and getting to interact with those wonderful Gold Crown store owners!!! YEAH!!

But overall, wanted to shout out to old Jimmy and tell him how proud of him I am and how incredibly excited I am for him (and us) to start this new career and part of life :) From what I have heard, there were TONS of applicants and very few that made it to the second round and even fewer that got the offer!!! Way to go Jimmy! You will rock this job and are great at sales. Trust me, I know best!! You sometimes persuade and convince me to do/buy/think things I would never come up with myself....but that's just why I love you!

He has 2 more weeks in his current job and then a week off before he starts, so hopefully I can find some fun projects for him to complete when he has a time off!
P.S. Other big news is that baby Will arrived today at and baby are both happy and healthy! Cannot wait to meet nephew #3! From the pictures he looks absolutely precious!!