Friday, January 7, 2011

Post pub crawl and new year's eve

All right, so follow up to the pub crawl post and final Florida vacation post (sorry, there were jut too many pictures that I took, so if you made it to this rock. If you are sick of reading about our trip, just skip it! I understand!!).

But this is what we did all day long. Sat on the couch. We weren't even awake until my parents got back around noon...

I did some of this, which was catching up on everything that I want to do in real life but don't have time for. I was in heaven!

The boys thought it was warm enough to get in the hot tub, but the girls did not.

We were able to enjoy some fireworks for the Outback bowl that was in Tampa on 1/1...from our condo! So that was fun and good because no one was in the shape to leave. My dad cooked some burgers, so literally I didn't leave or get dressed all day.

Hence why you see me wearing the same outfit bright and early on New Year's Eve morning :) But what a great way to spend New Year's Eve morning. Headache-free, a cup of coffee with my fancy husband, and a beautiful sunrise with a great view!!

It was even nice enough outside to sit on the beach, so Jimmy and I rented a little hut thing and chairs and sat on the beach! I didn't put my swimsuit on, but Jimmy took his shirt off. Got a little sunburned, or a lot, but it was still nice to sit outside on a beautiful beach!

We met up with my parents and sister for lunch at Frenchy's on the beach where I enjoyed some delicious crap soup. YUM!

To get the evening started off right, Jimmy, my dad and I headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. And it was literally the most perfect sunset I have ever seen in my life!!

We then headed out for our final dinner out in Clearwater Beach, which was at Crabby Bill's (but another one....on the other side of the water with a bigger menu).

The boys got a bucket of beer, but it ended not so well, but that's ok!

Final family shot of the trip!

We then headed back to the condo for an uneventful New Year's Eve because everyone was a little beat, but did make it back with a bottle of champagne. I was a little bummed because we were missing out on an amazing wedding of an amazing couple (Sarah and Josh) that was in Kansas City. I was happy to be with my family and more than excited for a wonderful trip to Florida and I know we weren't missed, but it would have been very fun to be help them celebrate their marriage!! However, we did have a good time ringing in the new year watching Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark....oh and the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block- hahahahaha. And my dad was sure enjoying it...

TOAST to the new year and 2011. My hair looks really weird because I was experimenting with a new curling iron...but I think now I have it finally figured it out (but not in this pic!). Can't wait for all the fun that 2011 has to bring. And a HUGE thanks to my mom and dad for taking us on such a fabulous vacation and that is was soooo much fun spending time in nicer weather and a stress-free time!

We were up early the next morning on an 8:40 flight. Even though we missed a friend's wedding on NYE, we were back in time on new year's day to celebrate an engagement!!!!


  1. I am assuming you ate crab soup.... not crap soup :) lol!

  2. Haha! Oops :) Yes, I meant crab soup. So funny because I wrote all these last week and set them to post so when Emily's comment came in my gmail I was like "what?!". Maybe I should re-read before I schedule my posts!!