Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sue's birthday party!

Ok- I'm a little (well, a lot) far behind on some personal posts that I have had in the works. However, I have major issues with posting videos to blogger. Does anyone else? I can never get them to load ever, so you'll have to go to You Tube to watch them!!

To the post now and my mother-in-law's birthday celebration (her birthday was Jan 9, but we celebrated a week and a half later). As usual, the whole Carter gang gathered at Jimmy's parents house and this time we got pizza and Hillary brought the salad so Sue didn't have to cook! Since we had to reschedule to the next Sunday - it was perfect timing because in the mean time, Will Carter was born and he got to join in the family fun of celebrating his grana's birthday!!

I might be a bit biased, but you HAVE to watch this short video I took of the whole family singing happy birthday to Sue....all 21 of us!! It's so cute with all her grandkids around her helping her blow out the candles. And Eli yell "we can have a cake!" - so cute!! And when you watch, wait until the end because Ben grabs the sound card (Hallmark, of course) that we gave her with her present that sings the "Celebrate" song and dances to it when he thinks no one else is watching!! It was so adorable - so watch it on youtube!!

And onto the pictures :) Here was my "artistic" side coming out. Haha, Maren and Norah got two Barbies like this from Libbie, Ben and Kenlie for having a new brother and of course, I wanted to play with her and see how she worked- the Ballerina Barbie. Look at those moves!

Here are some pictures from the gift opening, cake blowing out! Sue is very loved - as you can probably tell. She is the glue that holds this Carter family together and we are all very thankful for her, so it was only fitting to celebrate her birthday like this!

I think Norah might be a Vera Bradley fan :) Ben probably looking for the card to dance again...haha.

4 of the boys helping their mom celebrate! Tim was out of town for work.

Really, I just love the video- it makes me smile. So I know Sue had a very happy birthday and cheers to many more birthday and many many more Carter family get togethers on a weekly basis :)

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