Thursday, January 6, 2011

Parents gone = pub crawl in Clearwater

Yuck, just sitting here now almost a week later writing this post, I still get nauseous thinking of this day. UGH. But before I go into that, we did have LOTS of fun. My parents got up early Wednesday morning and drove to Fort Myers to visit my mom's friend and that meant...the kids get WILD. Starting with this crazy photo shoot....

So hopefully that gives you an indication of how exactly the day went. It started with these 2 cuties playing miniature golf against Jimmy and I...another competition, surprise, surprise :)

It was a rather long day because it was the first time in a few days in Clearwater that there was actually there were lots of people playing golf. But holy cow---I got a hole in one!!! I was so pumped!!

Here we are after the competition; Jimmy and I won, DUH. So they owed us a round of drinks at the first happy hour...yep we were off next to a happy hour pub crawl in Clearwater.

First stop = JIMMY'S FISH HOUSE!

Group shot! Yummy and expensive drinks haha, thanks Andrew!

Next stop, Frenchy's to get more drinks and you guessed it, lots of fried appetizers. Beers and fried food- that was the end of me the next day. But boy was it fun while it lasted!!

Guess what else it had!?!? Naked photo hunt and of course we dominated.

After watching the sun set, we headed next door to Crabbys....for MORE fried food and drinks. Oh jeez.

When we walked out, we saw THIS! It was a rocketship that this guy from Cleveland built. It was super cool and free! Just a tip. So of course we immediately hopped on and headed to the next bar.

So cute :)

Last stop was Mandalay Bay again. And we ran into all these people from Kansas and Missouri, so funny! A family from Derby and some girls from Columbia. So fun!!

Lots and lots of pitchers, which since we were the only people in the bar, the waitress continued to pour in our glasses. Jimmy and Andrew loved it, but I was like AH!

Yep---that's pretty much how the night ended.......


  1. When I was there for work, we went to crabby's and another place I don't think you went to... they specialize in sangria?? but i can't remember the name.... shucks. Looks like you had a blast!

  2. HOW FUN!!! I wonder how many photo hunt machines you have records on throughout the country?! :)