Monday, January 3, 2011

Off to Florida we go!

Christmas morning looked like our house....the dogs were pumped to finally get what was waiting for them in their stockings....

Willy was very happy :)

...and so was Milly. Jimmy said she looks like the devil in this picture.

After all of this, Toby was non-existent because he was off enjoying his new toys.

Christmas night, we got some of this cuteness from Rapunzel aka Kenlie.

And Miss Norah with her Leap frog. This picture is hilarious because it looks like she's an adult working a lap top. Minus the pacifier :)

But then right away on December 26- we were up early and headed to my parents house to drop off the wiener dogs at my parent's house and Toby at Jimmy's parent's house. Jimmy looks so happy driving to the airport. And boy was it the ride. Who knew 3 dogs in a car could be so much work even when they are in car seats!

But here they were. All set for a week away from their parents to wreak havoc. And yep, they did.

But once all the dogs were in the right place, my grandparents drove us to the airport- all 6 of us- we checked in our bags and had lots of time. So what better way to start a vacation then the airport bar? Who knew we were buying ourselves $10 bloody marys!?

But it was worth it when we landed and saw this....ahhhhh

First stop: CostCo and Target. We picked up lots of food and good snacks and boy were we crammed into the van! With all 6 of us and our luggage, it was quite the squeeze in the first place and then throw in all the food and drinks we bought. Well, Andrew got kicked out of his seat!! But Lyndsay and I were in the back crammed, but enjoying our twist frozen yogurt from CostCo!

Poor Andrew!!

But when we arrived to this kitchen....

...and this table...

...and this master bedroom...

..and this room that was Lyndsay and Andrew' the twin beds...

...and finally our room!!!

What a great job my mom did finding this condo! It was amazing and SOOO fun! There was so much room for all of us with plenty of bathrooms and amenities. The view was great and so was the location. We could walk to wherever we wanted to go, with lots of nearby bars and restaurants. Ah, I want to go back now. So after we got settled in and realized that it was pretty cold (55 degrees), we sat down, ready for a week of vacation and relaxation and were excited for the warmer weather to come our way!!!

More posts to come from Clearwater Beach, FL :) What a great week and Christmas present from my parents! Love time with family, especially in a warm place---thanks so much mom and dad for giving us this great vacation!!