Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fun days in FL

While the weather was a little cool for our liking on Monday and Tuesday....we did what our family did best : went shopping!!! We headed about an hour away from our condo to a huge outlet mall, where surprisingly, Jimmy did way more shopping than I did! I walked away with a super cute pair of brown boots and a pair of jeans (only because there was a special at Lucky and Jimmy begged me!) and Jimmy got a few shirts, some new trendy kicks, and pair of jeans! Nice!! He was so excited.

On our way back home, we first stopped at a local bar that had wings and beer on special for happy hour...and loved devouring those.

The girls...

The boys. We always sat boys vs. girls. It was weird.

We were planning to hit up a few more happy hours, but instead stopped at Ross Dress for Less, which I wish was in KC and then my sister wanted to stop at Marshalls. Well guess what, there was a Best Buy right next door....and we went in there and walked out with one of these!!!!!!

Ok, ok. Not the most rational decision, but we have been talking about getting one for awhile because Jimmy calls me the computer hog when we are at home and he never gets to use it to browse the web and look at sports stuff. We got a lot more Christmas money as presents than expected---and with that final bit of persuasion, I gave him the go-ahead and yep....he's now hooked. Pretty sure he spent the rest of the trip playing Angry Birds....which I still don't get! Finally, we made it to Mandalay Bay, which became our favorite restaurant of the trip. Great staff, great food and fun music!!

The next day I made everyone pose for the standard 10 sec self timer picture. But we are cute, right?

Then it was off to this ADORABLE breakfast place! It was so good :)

Jimmy wasting our money for his "koozie collection" that he is apparently starting.

Next we set off to IKEA for the second and final shopping day. AHHHH I just love that place. We actually didn't buy anything (fell in love with stuff yes, exercised constraint...thank goodness), but got lots of fun ideas. And this time I picked up the English version of the catalog. Last time I visited in Dallas, I failed and picked up a Spanish version, so it made for a good picture book on the plane trip home :)

Since we got to do "girl" things the last day and a half, it was time for "boy" things, which is new for our family. So we went bowling and played couples against each other

And...unfortunately because I had to throw on bowling shoes, my secret was revealed! I was wearing capris under my boots.....AHHH! I couldn't believe my bad luck, but you know what, I went with it.

Andrew tried to make me feel better and rolled his up to. Too bad it didn't bring him any luck on the bowling game...

The boys- Jimmy was trying to teach Andrew his mad bowling skills...

ANND the family shot with our bowling balls!

Jimmy and Brittany won, so Lyndsay and Andrew had to buy drinks.

And at the end of the day....going to sleep looking at this was pretty great :)

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  1. So hilarious - two things, 1: Jimmy buying koozies for his new collection and 2. your capris. Still laughing... :)