Saturday, January 8, 2011

Family nicknames

So every family has them. Something that they call one another that (A) either the family knows why or the event that nickname stems from or (B) it's so random, but no one else thinks it's funny but your family. For example, my friend Lyssa is nicknamed Schmee...I have no idea why, but I never question it when everyone in her family calls her that.

Now that I have proved these exist, I would like to present you our family nicknames that are the latter explanation. Since I have already stated you probably won't think these are funny, you can stop reading now. But if you care to read on about our ridiculousness- please continue.

As our family members are listed on the side of blogs with their respective pictures, I'll spare posting any more embarrassing pictures (especially the one that I just got of Toby trying on one of my bras and trying to get into the nail polish.....).

Name/ Nickname/ Short explanation:

Brittany/ Bernie / We were in church one day and our pastor asked everyone to introduce themselves when you greet one another. This lady behind us (I'm going with she was old and short of hearing) asked my name. I said "Brittany"; she repeated to confirm she got it right and sputtered out "Bernie". So now that is what my husband calls me.

Jimmy/ Timmy / (not sure why all these start at church....but....) When I sign us in at church in the attendance notebooks, I tend to have sloppy handwriting, especially when it comes to finishing off the tail end of the J. I just don't take the effort, I guess? Well apparently that's not ok because that is apparently what I wrote one week in the attendance now all the mail we get to the church is addressed to "Brittany and Timmy"....including our tax information for our donations to the church. Oops :)

Milly/ The Bia, Tina, Mamasita Maria / The bia is because Milly's attitude is exactly the definintion of a female dog at many times....Tina because I am apparently obsessed with wiener dogs names Tina and Tony (not sure why)....and finally Mamasita Maria. This is because I speak fake Spanish to my dogs. Again, this is a random, not sure why one, but it's just something I do.

Toby/ T man, Papa Joseph, NOOOO/ T man because I guess that's easier than saying the full name Toby....Papa Joseph because Joseph is his middle name and "NOOOO"....well, I think you can figure that one out!

Willy/ Chunky face, Tony, Papasita, Bill / the first one is because, well, let's admit it, Willy's a little chunky but he's so cute. Tony: please see the reason in Milly's. Papasita: again, from Milly's, but this is his fake Spanish/Mexican name. And finally, Bill. That's right. This is recent and I'm not quite sure how it started but every time one of us calls him that, we just immediately crack up. A dog named Bill.

If anyone would care to air their family's dirty laundry and expose what you call each other behind those closed doors (let's keep it PG-13 folks), I would love to read about it :)

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  1. We have several names for Tyson... including but not limited to:
    my little (stemmed from my little boy), Ty (obv) Ty-daddy, Tyson-milian (like Christina Milian), Tux (because he we think this is a cute dog name and should have named him this because he looks like he is wearing one). And the list goes on and on.... :)