Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowy week

So after a week that started out looking like this with 4-6 inches of snow...

...and I geared up for the weather and did the manly job of shoveling the driveway. Mainly because I got to leave work early on Monday and Jimmy wasn't home yet :) Oh AND my first grad school class was even canceled that night!!! I felt like a kid again! SNOW DAY/NIGHT!

So when Friday night rolled around, we had some fun celebrating Jen Gray's birthday with dinner starting at El Patron and then heading down to McFadden's at P&L.

Hilarious because the second when Lauren and I walked into McFaddens a girl walked past us with a TINY TINY dress on. We just looked at each other and cracked up and both said "We are way too old for this". But it was still fun---even though we were huge losers and went home early- so sorry Jen!

On Saturday, after an early morning work out class at Burn Fitness, Jimmy was feeling a little under the weather (nothing serious, I think he wanted to just be lazy), so he declared it a movie day at the Carter house. We decided each person got to pick 2 movies, so 4 redbox movies later, this is what we ended up with:
  1. Despicable Me
  2. Robin Hood
  3. Leap Year
  4. The Town
Can you guess who picked which?? Haha, it's pretty obvious. I did like my picks, but I would have to say I liked The Town, with Ben Affleck, the best. WOW. Super intense and really really good. Good pick Jim. But of course, we had to pause mid-movie watching...for Jimmy to watch the KU game. Thankfully they won so movie day could continue :)

But let's be serious...most of the day we just hung out around the space heater with lots and lots of blankets, snuggled up to stay warm! Willy especially. Look at those abs...

Ok, I lied. I did a LOT of emailing for Pi Phi. 7 hours of it exactly, as Jimmy made very clear to me and didn't believe it was real. Well about 27 personalized emails welcoming new VPF's and VPH's to their positions...believe it buddy.

However, when the sun set, it was all about loving in our family room :)

Jimmy even put on his PJs. Look at that sexy tank top. HA

Don't forget Milly sun chita. She was loved too.

Mr. Toby...where was he? Well he was upstairs and was chilling. Still wallowing in his self pity from destroying my brand new nighttime mouth guard - yep, $190 - that he destroyed that. Took the case and ate it and ate the guard. Oh, and he ate Jimmy's retainer. This was last Friday. I'm still upset about it. Therefore, he stayed upstairs.

But it was a good end to a snowy, really cold (BURRRR) week in KC! Hope everyone is staying warm!

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