Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's play some basketball

Last Saturday morning, Jimmy and I headed out first to our nephew's, Ben, basketball game at good old Heatherstone elementary school...where Jingle himself (the latest Hallmark plush item) aka a Husky dog, was the mascot.

We had our eyes on Ben, who was amazing and the best defender on the team!! He's the one in the looks like he's looking at the camera!

And while we were watching from the stands, we got to hang out with this cutie- Kenlie :) Oh, and don't forget her dolls- Barbie (in a super short dress!) and Ariel.

Kenlie was really really into my camera and taking pictures. She usually is and has debuted a few of her pictures on some of my previous blog posts. However, she also likes to be photographed a lot - this is her doing the splits for me after she showed me that her Barbie can do the splits. Pretty good if you ask me!

Since this was the next picture she requested that I take....we both joined in :)

Hahaha. Well, she also really liked to hold my purse just like I do. So funny! Lots of pictures in the stands at Ben's game. Needless to say...we kept her entertained the best we could.

But don't worry, we still had our eyes on the team! 3 on 3 basketball for 5 year olds was pretty entertaining and it was fun to see them work on their fundamentals! Crazy how there is always the "super star" kid that is really into it. This one was named "Hank".

After Ben's game was over, we headed over to Countryside elementary to watch Libbie play on her team! Tim, Jimmy's oldest brother is the coach, so Jimmy was excited to see him in action as the coach!! In addition to this sweet girl in this picture, I am LOVING the carpet floors! Remember those???!

The stands were full and we got there a little late because we had to stop at the gas station for gas and some coffee, so we sat right on the side line on the floor. And Jimmy and I welcomed the company to sit with us and watch their big sister play!

This one just might be my favorite :) If only Libbie was in it!! So cute!

But don't worry, we saw plenty of the girls in action. And they were really good! Some of them had some pretty fancy basketball shoes too! They don't keep score, but they did play on a full court, so I'm sure their little legs were tired after playing the full game. They did great! Jimmy and I did volunteer to play some bball with Ben and Libbie and show them our mad skills soon :)

And finally- I had to get a shot with our all-star Libbie! She did awesome!

I think this might become our new favorite Saturday morning much fun!

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  1. i thought we hated the carpet floors britt? a) they give nasty rugburns when you fall b) mill creek didn't have them and every school that did seemed like, oh so rich and snotty.