Monday, March 7, 2011

Begging for some style

Ok so here's the deal. I pretty much wear my hair the same way everyday. Wait - that's not true, I kind of alternate....straight/curly/straight/ not really the same everyday, but day in and day out it's always down and in my mind it's pretty much the same boring thing. I'm dying for some new ideas and new 'dos :) One night when Jimmy was at the KU game late, I actually was looking at youtube videos on his iPad called "how to make a cute messy bun" (don't ask haha!) and watched a few that were not very helpful. Funniest part of the story? The next night we were laying in bed and Jimmy was trying to watch something on you tube on his iPad and the video of some girl from hong kong demonstrating step by step a "messy bun" came up. He was like "what is this?!". Yep, I'm that desperate for new hair styles I'll watch girls in hong kong walk through messy buns with no words. Sad city.
Not sure if anyone else feels the same way, but I'm dying to spice it up!!! Especially with spring on the way :)

My answer today? Headbands. I feel like most of them are a bit "bold" for my work attire tastes...actually just my tastes in general but I'm dying to try some on. Check out these fun looks!! And the best part - so cheap!!

1. Charlotte Russe Flower Headband - $3.99
2. White House Black Market Tr-Flower Headband - $32.30
3. Forever 21 Full Side Floral Headband - $4.80
4. Forever 21 Chiffon Floral Headband - $2.80
5. Forever 21 Fab Dual Braid Headband - $1.50
6. Charlotte Russe Leopard Skinny Headbands - $2.99

Check out this fun blog with lots of headband styles, pictures and tips - I love it!!

I really like the big headband and pony tail! And it looks so effortless - which is exactly what I want!

Check out more celebrities rocking the headband. I LOVE the top 3 pictures, but I'm not that big of a fan of the "across the forehead" look. But maybe that is just because I'm not a celebrity? Probably has a lot to do with the fact I'm not sure the reactions I would get walking into a meeting with that either...I'll stick with on top-of-the-head look!

I am really loving this jeweled headband that is very subtle :) Guess you know what I'll be picking up this weekend!!!
Any tips for the blog world on spicing up the hair styles and not the same old hair down every day?!?

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  1. The video from Hong Kong...I laughed out loud! I have you beat, I wear my hair only one way, ALWAYS. Down and straight. I hate my hair up and I've never really liked flare in my hair, but you may have inspired me to shop for headbands:)