Sunday, March 6, 2011

Date Night #7 - Dining for education

Ok, so I was responsible for planning our February surprise date. Well, if you saw my calendar for February with going out of town 3 weekends, Pi Phi budgets being due and having to grad 15 chapter evaluations, school getting busy with a proposal due and a debate the following week....oh yeah, not to mention that thing called a full time job and maintaining some sort of sanity. Welp, that's my excuse. Yep, my excuse as to why our date was on March 2. However, I had an even better excuse for Jimmy, which was, February was a very short month, so if it was a "normal" month...March 2 = February 30. So there you have it. Take it as is. But the most important thing is, it happened, right? :)

I picked Jimmy up from happy hour (he got off work early again, rough life!!) and then we headed home and then after taking the dogs out we rushed to our reservation. I did have to promise him that we would be home in time for the KU game that night. That was the "activity" portion of the date for him.

Pre-date...I made him take pictures. Duh. Gotta love the self-timer!

All we need is Toby in the next one for an im-promtu family pic!!

However, when I pulled up to Broadmoor Technical center, which is just East of Metcalf on 83rd St...he was very very confused. (As a side note, I got this brilliant idea from the same friend at work, Katie, that we got the surprise date idea from! She's always thinking of great ideas!). So when we got out and walked into the school he was pretty much mystified as we walked down the school hallways!

....and walked into this restaurant in the middle of the school! (we were early birds @ 5:45PM)

Presenting the Broadmoor Bistro! Jimmy was SO confused. Asking questions like "so this is a high school?" "do they have sports teams?" "well if they don't....then they are not a school". So closed minded :) We had a wonderful server, who was very nervous but very nice! We tried to be super super nice to him because you could tell he was trying to remember everything and do it perfectly. So when he put the steak knife upside down...and his teacher came around and changed it for him, all we could do was laugh.

We were very hungry and the menu called for the following:

You pick 2 out of the 3: Appetizer, soup and salad. Jimmy picked the appetizer, which had fancy stuff in it (es cargo)...and I went for the ginger carrot bisque soup, and it was delicious! We both had a tomato and mozzarella salad, which Jimmy liked a lot better than I did. But overall, it was good.

For the main course, Jimmy picked a steak with a jerk sauce and some fries that were from different types of potatoes (I think)...I totally forgot to take pictures of all the courses!! I even told Erica I would for Andrew to see :) Dang it! But for the final course, dessert - I finally remembered! And boy was it delicious. You pretty much had to roll me out of there.

And it did pick up a lot after we were into the meal. It costs $25/person and you pay when you make the reservation and all the proceeds (minus the costs of the food) go back to fun the program - which is awesome! And wow, with all the food they served us it probably would have cost way more at a restaurant!

Ah - I love this guy. Mid-dinner, I did break the news to him about something that was very very upsetting. And I seriously started crying! AH! What is wrong with me? The bad news? At lunch earlier that week with friends from work, I took a pen out of my purse to pass around the table to use to write their name on the tab....and I left it there. Why is that bad news? It was a pen from our honeymoon....and for some reason I was really upset about it. Not sure why, but I just liked having it in my purse and taking it out every once and a while when needed...and then thinking about our honeymoon and how much fun it was. So I guess we will look for another one to see if we took a few, or last resort? Do you think the Excellence will send me another pen!? Haha - what a sap I am....who knew?

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