Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Honky Tonky weekend!

So I'm going to start by saying Vanessa did a WAY better job of documenting this amazing weekend we had a few weekends ago on a short trip to Houston, TX to visit her, Chris and Hazel! So check out her blog for more details and way better pictures :)

I didn't start taking pictures of all the fun until the end of the night when we made it to Mo's!

But I got some decent ones of the weekend. However, it would have been even better if I would have gotten some candids of the people that were at this bar. And especially if I would have got one of the Topanga (from Boy Meets World) look alike as she tried to be Vanessa's best friend and petted her face. The best line of that conversation was..

Topanga (to Vanessa): You're pretty, I like your hair. I just had a baby, so that's why I look like this (referring to the fact she might have been a little heavy)

Me: Oh that's so exciting! When did you have your baby?

Topanga: She just turned 3.

Enough said about that. She was interesting, as were the majority of people there. Lots of Darrius Rucker wanna bes as well. Overall, it was LOTS and LOTS of fun and the live band was awesome!

Chris and Jimmy loving that their wives are so cool and stay out late.
Vanessa and I being "cool" wives...
....and toasting our beers :) (please note Vanessa's koozie!!!)
the boys...Chris looks terrified!
Justin and his adorable girlfriend, Christi Lee made a special trip all the way to Katy to come see Jimmy and hang out with him! They were good friends in college and Jimmy loved reverted back to his college self by buying everyone drinks and saying "baby" every five seconds. The four of us (how adorable is Christi Lee!?!)
And Jimmy and I with our wonderful hosts for the weekend Vanessa and Chris! Thanks so much for the whirlwind and fun weekend :)
They took us to Bob's Taco Station the next morning (after Hazel woke us up because she just couldn't stay away from me...haha!) and it was DELICIOUS! I have never had tamales in my whole life and WOW they were amazing. In addition, we ordered a plate of guacamole and apparently I just decided to eat it all. Doesn't surprise me (because it was delicious), but a little on the selfish side :) I tried to share though, I promise!!! Then we got a tour of Katy, saw some great houses, some HUGE high schools, and lots of beautiful Texas plains and fields. What a great state! They almost convinced us to move down there!! I wish!!
After a wonderful weekend, we came home on Sunday night and I got to smell the fresh flowers Jimmy had sent me at work on Friday in honor of Valentine's Day that Monday. They were beautiful and lasted a long time, which is always the best. Lilies are my favorite and what a great arrangement he got because they were alive for 2 weeks!! We didn't do anything in particular to celebrate Valentine's Day because I have class on Monday nights, but there was K-State win over KU, which was great! I wish everyone could have seen Jimmy's face that night after work when I changed to go to class and put on my K-State sweatshirt...he was devastated, but I mean come ON! I know it's Valentine's Day and while I support him and his obsession for KU, I had to represent. He claims that is the reason they won. Haha, but he was actually a really good sport!

Ok - sorry for being SOO late on this post. Life has been a bit crazy :)Overall - we cannot WAIT to go back to Houston for a longer weekend and will be checking flights constantly for a good deal!!!

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