Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Makin me nervous

Does anyone out there have a flat screen TV hung to their wall? Oh who am I kidding...I feel like everyone now has a TV hanging from their wall/fireplace/etc. Well, welcome Jimmy and Brittany to reality. As we are updating and getting the man cave in official "man cave" condition, one of the big things we did was move Jimmy's huge 55" plasma TV down there. We did a little shifting of TVs upstairs and ended up getting a new TV for the living room that is a little smaller and looks great. I'm actually thrilled with this move because I think the TV that is now in the family room "fits" better. Now getting Direct TV to update our box to get us an additional HD box...well that is another story my friend...one that that I hope is resolved soon and doesn't involve us spending over half of what we spent on the actual TV to get a new box. Ridiculous. As a new customer of theirs, we are not-so-thrilled about that, but we will see how it ends up, right? I'm not giving in.

Anyways - this was intended to be a super short post - guess you know how that goes :) Last week we ordered a TV wall mount that has like 180 degrees of movement for the 55" that Jimmy has downstairs. When I was at class on Monday night, Jimmy got it all bolted into the wall, etc and when I got home he had me help him get the TV on the mount. And after a quick fight (don't ask - it involved the shelving unit you see below the TV in the pictures), we were thrilled with how the TV looked and all the ways you can move it to get a good view anywhere in the room. The only thing that left me on edge and made me super nervous was the super expensive TV just hanging on the wall. Like how odd is that when you really think about it? So I started questioning Jimmy to make sure that he put up the mount right and had nightmares that I woke up to a broken TV. The good news is....in the morning, it was still on the wall and still looked good. I guess my nervousness was just because it was a "first time" thing for us hanging a TV on the wall....I know they wouldn't sell mounts that dropped TVs (DUH) but still. I freak out about weird things, what can I say?

Side view of the swivel mount and a front view of the TV with the nice closet maid storage unit I got for Jimmy and put together. Don't you like the red and blue that I got for him for KU? I am such a great wife :)

Do on-the-wall-mounts make anyone else nervous? Do you find them very useful and awesome and a great space saver? I have a feel I will relaly like it....but for now I'm just dreading walking downstairs one day to see a TV in a million pieces...

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  1. We have our above our fireplace, and I was nervous at first too. But it's been 1.5 years so I think it's up there for good :)
    I do still get a bit nervous when I pull it out and swivel it though.