Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blow up "Brian"

Well, it was quite the weekend. All I have to say is that I'm off to bed VERY early to catch up on lost sleep from a crazy, but AMAZING, weekend celebrating the soon-to-be-bride, Miss CKells :) It was so much fun. For now, I leave with you with a little taste of the evening we had on Saturday by introducing you to the star of the night....Blow up "Brian"

The bride to be and him kicked off the evening by sharing a drink together. So romantic.

He stole a dance (or two...) with some of the other girls...

And got a little wild and crazy with some of the girls on the bus!

I'm guessing he partied a little too hard because he was "po(o)(p)ed" at Shark Bar (which ironically was our entire party, as we were kicked out), because he ended the weekend at my house on the floor, looking a little like this...

Poor blow up Brian. But that's about how I'm sure most of the weekend participants feel as well!

More to come.....but overall, what a fun weekend! Can't wait to hang out with everyone again in Mexico - and I'm holding LeighAnne to her "food crawl" idea at the resort - my mouth is watering just thinking about many more days?!


  1. Thanks for letting me stay!! Had a great time. I wrote you a really good review on TripAdvisor. :)

  2. Ha! Blow up dolls at bachelorette parties are the best! We had one once, but I can't remember his name...he got just as much action as Brian did though.