Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Siblings Weekend: the last hoorah

It's sad, exciting and scary all at the same time to state that we attended the last siblings weekend for the Bruns girls as Pi Phi's!!! I cannot believe my little sister is graduating from college in just a few months - makes me feel old. But as always, Manhattan didn't disappoint :) If you recall last year's siblings weekend - it was quite fun, but a disaster all at the same time. I specifically told Andrew that there would be NO rainbow shots this time, and luckily he agreed! This time we brought my mom and dad along too since Andrew's fraternity's formal is on the same weekend at Pi Phi mom's weekend this year and last year Lyndsay and Andrew had to miss his formal because of our wedding (all these dang family obligations!!) we just converted siblings weekend into family weekend!
We got down to Manhattan at the end of the KU game and before the K-State game started and planted ourselves at a table at Tubby's. Oh Tubby's the memories you bring back. Where I had my first legal beer after midnight on my 21st birthday. Where I danced the night away at so many date parties. Where I played photo hunt maybe one too many times. Oh yes, always a good time. This time though, I didn't take any pictures. Oops. But we did see Molly, Taylor and Amy so that was fun!!
After the game ended, my mom, sister and I were ready to do something else. The guys weren't. So in typical fashion, we left them at the bar to drink and the girls went to get us checked into the hotel and made a pit stop at the mall. I would say it was a success since I found a cute sweater for $2.97. Doesn't hurt to hunt around right? So after an hour or so, we figured we better go get them and head to dinner. We went to the new Mexican restaurant that was El Mez when I was in college - not sure what changed, except they added really uncomfortable chairs and had $1.99 Margaritas....which everyone in my family ordered except me...well and technically my dad.

Everyone with their margaritas (please notice Jimmy's eyebrow)

Me with my Corona Lite.

And my dad. My dad can't drink because of the heart medicine he's on, but of course he wanted to join in the fun. So he ordered a virgin strawberry margarita/daiquiri...really just a frozen mixed strawberry drink, but he got lots of whipped cream on top in Roger fashion because he loves his desserts :) I mean the man did have a part time job at Dairy Queen a few years ago people!

Better yet - he ate it with a fork :) Yep, that's exactly why I love my dad - oh so happy the little things in life make him!

After that we headed to Aggieville and the first stop was Kites. We just ordered a few drinks and then things got rough with the waitress. She was talking smack behind our backs to the bouncer and my sister has this creepy awesome good hearing and heard her telling him we hadn't paid our tab yet. So we were very confused because we had gotten the tab, but weren't done drinking. Weird. So Lyndsay got mad, then we all got mad because she was rude and we left. To top it off as we were walking out, the 12 year old bouncer starting yelling that we didn't pay our tab to the waitress and we were leaving. However, I'm guessing someone corrected him because no one came running after us. After that we all swore off Kite's forever. Sorry Kite's...but maybe that is why the one in KC closed?We made a quick pit stop at Pat's (which is TOTALLY different by the way!! It's nuts!) to see the Strathman's and then we were off to Ale House because it was was finally 10:45 and my sister said it was OK to go there. We got a booth. I got tired. Which means I started getting cranky. But we still took pictures :)

The girls!

Mom and dad

Andrew and Jimmy. I think this is Andrew's "Jacob Pullen" face?

So right before we were all going to go home, lots of their friends showed up so Andrew and Lyndsay were going to stay. Oh and Jimmy. He stayed too :) He loves soaking up all the college life he can get. Man he makes it seem like our life is so boring......but my mom, dad and I headed home and then Jimmy took a DD back to the hotel with Andrew and Lyndsay and we actually didn't even hear him come in.

The next morning, we went to the Chef, which is a breakfast and lunch place downtown that I didn't even know existed when I was living in Manhattan - but it was DELICIOUS!! Oh my gosh! I had a veggie omelette and wow, nothing but wonderful things to say. We even got a side of macaroni and cheese for the table because my sister said we had to try it. Good call Lyndsay. Andrew, unfortunately, had a little too much fun the night before and wasn't able to grace us with his presence at breakfast - so that means we got to gossip about him. Haha, just kidding...but seriously : ) We love you Andrew.

Mom and sister

Me and Jimmy (I was pulling off the "I'm in college/I just roll out of bed and don't put on make up or really even get dressed in the morning look, if you didn't notice)

My dad - being my dad and reading the paper.

After that we were back on the road to KC with full stomachs and one of us with quite the headache from a longer night than anticipated (bet you can't guess who that was?!). But what a fun weekend! Next time we are there will be graduation! So crazy!! I think next year we're going to have our own sponsored siblings weekend because I'm sure going to miss them!!!

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  1. You didn't know about the Chef because it wasn't open when we were in college. I guess it has been there before, closed, and is now back! We have yet to go...but everyone says it is amazing!