Monday, March 14, 2011

Emily gets engaged!!

Well it must be a trend with some of my best friends....because GUESS WHAT!? Emily and Jeff got engaged this weekend!!! SOOO awesome and exciting! It has been fun to be a part of their relationship from their very first date and the conversation with her right after it - I swear she was in love then - to getting to see how happy and excited they were Saturday night after he proposed!

She had an inkling that it was coming soon...she even called me on Thursday night and told me that he asked her to go to Plaza III on Saturday (fancy restaurant on the Country Club Plaza) night and get all dressed up and asked if I thought it was going to happen then!! I said I didn't think so (luckily I wasn't like - OMG yeah he totally is going to because apparently it set her off that I said maybe because she thought if he was I would for sure try to convince her he wasn't - she is sneaky!!), but maybe, but really had no idea. So when I got a text message from Jeff on Friday when I was at work I FREAKED out in excitement...and then proceeded to avoid talking to her on the phone until Saturday because I didn't want her to know I knew. That's really not fair because she had to go on a weekend trip with me and spend the whole day prior to me getting engaged and she knew the whole I should have been able to handle it, but I just decided I could avoid her :)

They walked into the house and were SO excited! Jeff had called her whole family to be there to congratulate them and we just tagged along. It was so fun seeing her face tell the story about how she really didn't think it was going to happen that night after they went to dinner and then BOOM - she saw the ring and freaked out!! Haha. I would have loved to been in that gelatto shop at that moment!!

Here they are so happy!!

And check out that BLING! Gorgeous! They customized it and has this awesome design on the side that is gorgeous!

More bling with the guy that gave it to her! we are. :)

I'm loving this! And so pretty - I needed a closer look :)

Congrats you two!!! Cannot wait for all the wedding fun to begin! Emily said today Sharon is already busy planning away, which I'm sure she is!!!


  1. LOVE IT and I love the ring!!! So excited for the McMatlocks! :)

  2. I am so excited for her! I am coming back for Court's bach party... so excited to see everyone!