Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can't stop smiling!!

Why!? Because all these wonderful people I love so much in my life have such wonderful things going on!!! Case in point:
1 - Emily is engaged - and she is already rolling along with the planning!!
2- Katie is engaged - and getting married this summer!!! YEAH!
3- Lauren and Cory just announced yesterday they are having a baby in October----ahhh!!! I love it!! So excited for them! You can bet this baby is going to get lots of Pi Phi loving...
4- My sister is graduating from college in May...holy cow she's a grown up!
5 - Erica and her hubby are in Omaha in their new house - TOGETHER - so excited for them!
And I'm excited for this weekend for Courtney's shower and bachelorette party (and to see her awesome twin sister, Ashley!!) - can't wait to help celebrate with her before we all meet back up again in Mexico for her fabulous wedding!!!!!!!! Loving these things!! Yeah for great news and happy friends and family :)

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