Saturday, March 5, 2011

Man cave: new basement carpet

Here's something you may not know about me. I'm one of those people that's pretty impatient. I'm one of those people that once I see something I like or decide I want it...I have little patient actually waiting for it. And it truly shows in our house projects. Yes, we have long term plans (like bathroom remodel), but when little stuff comes up that I can keep at a lower cost, my patience is tested. Which is what happened recently. With the basement.

I was downstairs doing laundry and decided I wanted to put flooring down over the concrete floors in the basement. I just kept thinking of how much it would make it more like a "room" than just a room. You know "room" being "homey, room that people want to go sit in and hang out" vs. room being just a room in your house.

Anyways, I decided I wanted flooring in the basement, so I did the research and found this picture on Home Depot's website. Those are brown carpet tiles. And I loved them. A great basement solution (according to reviews, websites, etc) for flooring because you can always rip just one up at a time if there is a leak or something spilled, but enough padding to make it not be concrete and feel like a "room".

So at the beginning of the week...I knew I was going out of town that weekend to Oklahoma to visit I asked Jimmy what he was going to do. He said nothing. I said, "want to carpet the basement" and he said "sure" with free shipping and on Wednesday, they arrived at our door step. Oh Jimmy - you are just the best husband!

We spent some time moving all the furniture and stuff that was in the room. And wow. Luckily it fit in the other unfinished room!

Biggest task? Take down the huge entertainment center...

Here are some "before" pictures. Steps from the basement!

Basement with one finished wall. More to come later, but Jimmy likes the concrete walls and his painted on KU flag for now in his man cave!

Jimmy's weekend fun!! Look at all those boxes! The best thing about the installation of the carpet tiles is that there is an adhesive back on them so once you place them and get the room ready (more complicated than I realize, which I'm aware of!!), you just stick them down!! So while it's not easy kneeling down, Jimmy said it wasn't too hard!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I got home on Sunday, but holy cow. Again, what a rock star husband! My dad had a bball tournament all weekend so as he would usually jump at the chance to help Jimmy with a house project - Jimmy took on all of this himself for the weekend!! And what a fantastic job he did! Check it out!!

My little worker bee! I LOVE IT!!

Blurry picture, but really just focus on the floor!

Where Jimmy's future bar will be. That is still TBD if we are going to buy on Craigslist or make. Jimmy wants to build it himself. That could be cool, but lots of work. We shall see. But it's his man cave and his I'll let him make that call! But the bar stools are there and ready!

The coolest part is that the squares are flexible so you can stick them to the stairs. And I absolutely love the stairs with the carpet!!

Ta-da! Man cave continues to be a work in progress :) Now Jimmy is trying to convince me to move his big screen TV downstairs and put it on the all mount. We shall see on that as well.

What do you think?? Didn't he do a great job in just 2 days when I was gone?! Love it!!! I'm excited to see how this room continues to transform!


  1. Good job Jimbo! Looks great guys :)

  2. How easy are those! Looks great, so homey!