Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FINALLY: Mr and Mrs Wassinger!

So it happened. Two weeks ago- Erica got married!!! As you saw from a previous post, 561 days had passed since her engagement and I know they were both READY to pull the trigger aka tie the knot :) Jimmy and I headed to the airport early Friday morning

and we were off to Dallas to start the celebration! When we arrived we met some of the groomsmen and then went off to eat....duh. We love to eat.

Then it was off to get our nails did :)

THEN it was time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Which was FUN! THE food was amazing (Mexican- yum!) and the company was even better. Thanks to Ruth and Dick for a fantastic party celebrating Erica and Andrew!! Had so much fun with all these girls, as always. And of course my fabulous husband enjoyed himself a lot. With a trip to the Gingerman afterwords and meeting the rest of the wedding guests there (and our friends!), we were ready to get to bed!

Next day = wedding day. Up early for a breakfast with all the girls and then time to get pretty. We all got our hair done and did our make up in Erica's suite and had a fun time munching on snacks, etc. You know, chatting like usual and having a good trip watching the bride get pretty.

Twins. And classy cats. AKA I'm a Heather wanna be.

The bride- with her gorgeous hair!!!

Then it was off to Arlington Hall. After a few beers- we got the dress on and we were ready to go. Let's walk down the aisle!!!!

Pictures were first though---group shot!

The bride--ready to go :)

After a nice ceremony performed by Pastor Luke, it was time for cocktail hour and then the PARTY.

The cake....

The husband (well my husband, not Erica's obviously!)...

Me with the groom....

Me with the bride....

Vanessa and I's maid of honor speech!! We let Andrew and Erica know what their lucky numbers were and exactly why they were---even bought them a lottery ticket. Don't think they won :( Bummer!!

Giving our speech!

Pi Phi for life. No more words needed.

Bride having a blast on the party bus!!!

Watch out Dallas- they are about to hit the town :)

After that, they were headed off with Della to their new cabin that they now own as a married couple! Long Pine Nebraska/Hidden Paradise didn't know what hit them with this new family!! Congrats you two!!

Check out THIS video to see the awesome karaoke we did at the wedding too!!

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