Wednesday, June 16, 2010


What does that number symbolize? I don't think you'll ever guess it. So I will just tell you.

It has been 561 days (or 1 year, 6 months, and 14 days) exactly since my friend Erica and her soon to be husband, Andrew, got engaged. Can you believe it? I remember the day that got engaged like it was yesterday! I can't believe it has been that long! It was December 6, 2008. The night before, Vanessa called me to tell me "OMG Erica is getting engaged tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!", which then followed with a session of OMG's and so exciting and can't wait to see how excited she is. Heather spilled the beans to Vanessa because Andrew had to get Heather (then Erica's roommate) out of the house. Us girls, don't tell us anything, we can't keep our mouths shut. But I mean, who can when something that big is happening??!?!

The next day (aka E-day aka Erica's Engagement day) my dad, Jimmy and I were volunteering with our church at a local women's shelter. I was VERY thankful that I knew what was happening in Dallas that morning because I was able to keep my phone in my back pocket, awaiting her phone call to tell me the good news. Otherwise, I would have just left it in my purse. So good call on spilling the beans, Heather :) Well the phone call finally came and she couldn't believe it and was so excited, as was I! While he was still going to be in Ohio for awhile, she was very excited and anxious to get wedding plans started. Here are few pictures of the couple, newly engaged!!

And if you know Erica, it won't surprise you if I tell you that her wedding was essentially planned in like 3 months. Because by the time March rolled around, she had all the big stuff nailed down and had her vision. While I was so excited for her, since I wasn't in "bride" mode at all, it was hard for me to completely grasp all the things she was doing, planning, sending me to look at as one of the MOH's. Well when the other MOH (Vanessa) got engaged in March, she was able to share in wedding excitement also...and then we got engaged in April....well you couldn't stop this threesome of bride friends. It was all we could talk about and Erica was there to guide me along the way and answer my questions about what she did with this, this and this. Very nice!
So now that she has probably attended 10+ weddings as an engaged bride-to-be...I'm very happy to announce that as of this Saturday, she will no longer be a bride-to-be, but she will be THE bride and then a wife!! It will be a wonderful weekend in Dallas celebrating two fabulous people. She has wonderful things planned at a gorgeous venue that everyone will drool over (trust me, when I saw it I did). She has had time to think of all these wonderful details that will pull the whole day together. And best of all----she has been patient for 561 days of her engagement, that she can celebrate her little heart out during the biggest party she has ever planned with the people closest to her and Andrew celebrating with them!!!!! Wahoo!!! I know she can't wait and neither can we!
So get ready to "cheers" to Erica and Andrew on Saturday---lucky number 561? :) Love you both!

Here is one of their amazing engagement pictures- can't wait to see wedding pics!


  1. I'm so excited!! They are one beautiful and deserving couple. Yay E!

  2. I really am bad at keeping things in... O well!