Friday, April 27, 2012

Nursery - a WIP

Do you know that acronym?  Ah, the good old days of accounting for business operations when we learned about work-in-process or WIP inventory.  But for the nursery's sake we'll say it's a true work in progress.

I think I mentioned this before, but on a random Tuesday night - I cleaned everything out of the room.  I wanted all the old stuff resembling the office/2nd guest room gone because I seriously threw up a little in my mouth whenever I had to open the door to the room.  Just looking at all the work to come, I was a little anxious.  But when it was cleared out, it looked like this and this made me feel a little bit better.  A clean slate.  Ready to start getting this room ready for our little boy.

The lone rocking chair.  This was Jimmy's grandparents chair that we have now.
The empty closet with bright blue shelves sans doors.  Just waiting for a makeover and his clothes to be hung!

And so it began.  I taped the bottom trim, around the windows and doors and in the closet.  Jimmy took care of taping the line.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't happy about it because it was hard - but I will tell you I think he did a great job!  Thanks babe!!  Then he got to work immediately on the gray.  Then my mom and I came back around with the navy after we finished taking the blue contact paper off the shelves and painted those a fresh coat of white paint.

Here was the first stripe in progress.

And the now all navy closet.  I am so excited to see what the newly painted shelves and one newly constructed shelf (that will live in the middle) look like when they "pop" white in there.

Then finally came the test of taking off the tape to see how the navy stripe turned out.  And good job Jimmy - it turned out fantastic!  Straight and everything.  He gets an award for that.  But then the second fun taping part came for the lime green stripes that will surround the navy stripe.  Again, he took care of that.  I was busy compiling bachelorette party invitations and wedding shower prep for the upcoming weekend - so I let him do his thing.

And came back to this just hours later.  He did say the lime green will need a few more coats.  But that's just the "kid color" pop I think this room needed.  I like it.  I can't wait to see it all done with the straight lines all the way around the room!!!  Yeah Jimmy!!  Great job babe!

As the lime green stripe keeps getting a few more coats to make sure the yellowish color underneath is covered up, this crib has been patiently waiting in our garage for over a week now.  And it's ready to get assembled.  AH!  So crazy.  But I'm excited to start putting it together with

This is what this baby will look like once it is put together.   So excited to see it up in the nursery as things slowly start to come together and my that overwhelming feeling of too much to do slowly slips away.  Trust me, there is still PLENTY to do - but it feels good to make it this far and at this point, we're taking each little victory we can get!!

I can't wait for these fabrics to be splattered all over this crib and the room.  My mom and aunt will do a fabulous job of sewing up some great things for this baby.  I did find the perfect fitted crib sheets at Pottery Barn Kids yesterday that I'm going to order - but they are on backorder until June and the other until July!!  Jeez!!  I keep thinking I'm doing this late, but am thankful we still have some buffer time for all these back orders and long order items!!!!!!  

Happy Friday and cannot wait for this to continue to come together!!  And the bathroom progress will continue this weekend as well as Bark for Life and then a fun shower for my bff Lauren to end a great weekend!


  1. SO fun! We move next week and then I can't wait to start decorating another nursery! Super cute!!

    1. So exciting that you guys are moving! I saw you had put your house on the market!!! Will be great to get nice and settled in again before this little guy's arrival :)