Saturday, February 8, 2014 18 weeks

So I debated and debated a few things with blogging and baby #2 - especially since I feel like I've already neglected him or her in my blog content already.  I debated the following in my head for the last 8 weeks:  

A) Should I take weekly bump pictures?  and B) Will I even be able to remember to and keep up with them?  and C) If I do them - should I do them in the same outfit?

Well - I decided it would not be something I would look back and regret doing at all - so I'm bringing them back and will TRY my best to keep up now that I'm getting a bump.  It's actually really nice having them from last time to compare size and how I was feeling, so I figure it's worth it!  But the same outfit thing?  I already gave up on that.  For some reason that stressed me out!

How Far Along?  18 weeks

Size of Baby: Big as a sweet potato now!

Gender: Will find out in less than 2 weeks!

Weight Gain: Up 7.5 lbs so far.  Luckily, most of it's in my belly.  But this baby is growing!  And I think it's safe to say that I've "popped".  Ha - to put it nicely!

Maternity Clothes: Um - heck yes.  I'm just glad this is round 2 and I'm due around the same time because it's so nice not having to go and buy all new clothes when my normal ones don't fit!!  However, you should note that above shirt is not maternity and by the end of the day I felt like my buttons were going to pop off!

Nursery: Ha - this one I just put on here for fun.  I'm not sure what progress we will make on this.  But I will say how different this nursery planning is for me with #2.  When people tried to give us free stuff last time...I was like "oh, thank you, but I am going to buy it new".  You know, thinking that my kid will care.  And the first time, I feel like you just have to do that and learn, but this time.  Yep, if you have something baby that you don't want anymore, I'll take it.  So far we have got a crib (thanks Will!) and a rocker (thanks Lyndsay!) spoken for.  Love it!

Movement: Starting to feel little movement this more and more.

Symptoms: Actually feeling pretty good!  I'm a little slower to get off the floor when I'm down there playing with Charlie, but second trimester was good to me last time and so far it's the same.  I'm finally starting to look pregnant versus just a little holiday weight gain!

Sleep: Luckily, Charlie has been sleeping pretty good lately, despite a that means I can get some decent sleep.  But I seem to wake up on my back in a panic and then turn to my side.  I don't know what I would do without my pregnancy body pillow.  Again, a stellar first time pregnancy purchase that is getting some GREAT use!

Cravings: E.L. Fudge cookies baby.  Brings me back to my middle school and softball days.  I bought them at the store and ate some on the way home.  Horrible but so delicious!

What I Miss: BIG cups of coffee.  Unlimited.

Best Moment This Week: I was so bummed when the doctor called and said their office was closed on Wednesday morning due to the weather so they would have to reschedule my appointment.  But luckily, they got me in on Friday afternoon.  Gotta love hearing that sweet sound of the heart beating away!!  And I pretty much am obsessed with my doctor - so it's always fun to get to see her and ask a few questions and chat!

Panic Moment This Week: Leaving Charlie's 18 month appointment and our pediatrician saying let's just hold off on scheduling his 2 year appointment because she will be seeing us lots before then with baby #2.  What the HECK!  I cannot believe his next well check up he will be a big brother!!!!!

Looking Forward To: Cannot wait to feel some bigger movements more regularly and am counting down the days until we find out if Charlie is going to have a little brother or sister!!!!  

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  1. Only 7.5 lbs up??? That's amazing!! By end of FIRST TRI- I was already well into the double digits... and now well into the mid-20's. I might weigh the same as Adam shortly which will be sad. You look great! Can't wait to find out the gender!!