Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eggs in the Oven: Easy breakfast/brunch recipe!

I'm like many are these days.  When I need an idea for something I either google it or go to Pinterest because I'm quite sure someone else has thought of exactly what I need.  

So I mentioned in this post that we hosted a brunch get together last weekend with my college girlfriends and their kids.  Since everyone else offered to bring juice, fruit, muffins, etc...I decided I would do more "main dish" type stuff.  Many of which when you google or search on Pinterest involve eggs...in the oven. 

Oh my.

Me and RAW eggs in the oven for some reason do not mix at all.  I seem to have the hardest time in the world making a quiche or a breakfast casserole because my eggs just take so long to cook in the oven.  And let me tell you friends, we have a NICE oven.  So it's very frustrating.  Because I feel like it's so nice - it seriously should just cook itself.  

Needless to say, when it came time to pick a menu item with eggs, I went to Pinterest and found something I thought I could handle.  With eggs.  In the oven.  But the key was...the eggs were already cooked before putting them in.  PERECT.  For an incompetent egg cooker like me.

Check out the recipe here from a blog that has the word BACON in it's title (um, yes!).

It was so easy with only 4 ingredients: eggs, bacon, cheese and crescent rolls.

You actually scramble the eggs before you put when in the oven and let the crescent roll cook around it.  And the bacon and cheese are inside.  I made two of these puppies and didn't even get to taste it because they were gone before I realized it.  Yep, I'd say that is a good judge of success, don't you?!  Even the perfect size to cut up into 8 perfect little pieces.

So if you are egg + oven challenged - I highly recommend this easy, fast and delicious recipe (and it's fun looking too) for any breakfast or brunch meal for your family or a larger group!

That's it.  Try it and you'll see!

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