Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here we go again - boy or girl??!?

Baby Carter #2 -

Honestly - just as long as you are healthy we don't care what you are...but at the same time there are so many things going through our minds!

First off, sorry that you get the #2 designation already, but since you are our second little babe, it comes with the territory.  Don't you worry little babe, we have already made room in our hearts for you and are just looking forward to your arrival.  #2 is just a label.

Last night, I sat down and went back to the blog post I wrote in mid-March the night before we found out if your older brother was a boy or a girl...and I am not going to lie...I got really emotional.  For lots of reasons.  First, it transported me back to the time before I was a mom.  And it's just so crazy to think about that.  Right now, after 18+ months of being a mom to your big brother Charlie, I cannot imagine what my life was like without him and just the intense love I feel for my child.  And now, it's the intense love I feel for my CHILDREN.  Yes, that's plural.  Because you are already part of our family.

You were the best surprise ever.  I've been trying to imagine our family of four with you as a little boy and you as a little girl. And guess what?  Either will do just fine.  I think Charlie would love a little brother to wrestle with, play with and get into trouble with.  But at the same time, I think he would be such a big brother to a sweet little girl; he would always look after and take care of you.   As for me and your dad?  We just want you to be healthy, with all the right parts in all the right places.  That's what we pray for every night.  

Overall, we cannot wait to see you again!  It's the best.  And getting to see how much you and grown in just 11.5 weeks since we last got some pictures of you.  AHHHH!  So pumped.

And you know who else has been practicing saying both "brother" and "sister"??  Your amazing big brother, Charlie.  He's pretty excited.  While some people might think he's too young to understand that I'm having a little baby, I really do think he gets it and already loves you.  On Friday night, I pointed to my stomach to tell him that mommy has a baby in there.  I asked him to say "hi baby" and he said "Hi Baby" as plain as day then gave my belly a kiss and hugged on you for at least five minutes.  And now he just loves hugging you and laying on my stomach to be close to you and me.  It's pretty special.  I am excited to see how he loves on you when you actually arrive!

I couldn't stop smiling on the way to pick Charlie up today thinking about you and how excited I am that we will hopefully know what you are tomorrow (yes, I understand there is a chance that you refuse to show us your junk or lack thereof).  At first, I didn't want to find out and wanted to wait until your birthday to be surprised - but your dad convinced me otherwise.  And now that we are here, I'm excited that we are finding out.  I'm excited to teach Charlie to master the word "brother" or "sister".  I'm excited to feel the overwhelming emotions of seeing a little baby growing inside me again.  We finally got to get outside and go on a walk today in the beautiful weather and I got really excited to think next year Charlie and I will have a sweet little partner joining us in the fun!!

So blessed and so thankful.  And cannot believe this pregnancy is almost half way over with!!

We love you so much!
Mom, Dad and big brother, Charlie

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  1. So excited for you! Can't wait to hear the big news!

  2. Such an exciting day!!! And Charlie will be an amazing big brother, to a brother or a sister!!! Can't wait to hear!!!! Good luck, and enjoy looking at that sweet baby! We're half way there!!