Thursday, February 27, 2014

Nap time projects

So really the only time I have for any projects these days is during nap time on the weekends.  I'm guessing come late July and I have a 2 week old I will be looking back at my now self so angry that I didn't just sleep too, but that's life.  Not sure if it's nesting yet, or just plain ready to have stuff up on our walls and finally feel like our house is a home...but it's in full force now.

I really was looking to add something to above our bed in our master bedroom and couldn't figure out just what.  This was the picture I was going off of for inspiration.  

We have a ceiling fan versus that fancy, cool light - but I thought I could make the picture frames work and I really liked the way they were hung - hanging off of the knobs.  So in spirit of being on a budget as well, I went hunting in our basement.


And I found these beauties that weren't being used.  I mean don't you just love the guy in the picture and his hair.  I'm pretty sure I got these at a Hallmark sale at work for like 50 cents and have been carting them around from house to house.

Instead of the 3 big frames and 2 little in the picture, I had those 3 little ones and these 2 bigger pictures already - so I figured I would make these work.  But I painted the small ones yellow to attempt to bring some more color into our neutral dominated bedroom (I have a neutral problem).

So then it was a question as to what do I put IN the frames.  Well, it just so happens that Jimmy has been saying he wants some pictures of Kansas City attractions hanging up and our awesome relator sent us a calendar with amazing pictures of I ripped them out and stuck them in the frames and wah-la!  Got myself some pictures frames.

I wasn't sure how exactly to hang the knobs on the walls since I went and bought some $1 cabinet knobs at Home Depot and checked out this tutorial on how to successfully hang them in the wall.  It was super easy and super cheap.

On Sunday, all I had was some tan string that I used to get all the frames hung, string tied, etc.

But when re-looking at the "inspiration" - I knew I needed black ribbon versus the tan that blended into the wall color.

I still need to straighten it up a little bit - but wa-lah (again).  I think it turned out pretty good and did just what I wanted to add a little pop of color to our bedroom wall!

So what do you think?

Do you have nap time projects?  Or really - when do you DO things when you have a toddler running around all day?!  

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