Monday, February 10, 2014

What a great weekend

Now everyone knows that every weekend is something to celebrate.  But there was something about this weekend.  The "something" was that we just did normal things and had little stress, planning, etc., but it was great.  We spent time with our little family, our extended family and our friends.

What else could you ask for?

While Friday night was not the best event as we went to visit Liz's family and honor her stepmom that just passed away, but it was such a great reminder of how important friends are and how lucky we are to have each other.

We spent a {cold} Saturday morning at the mall.  Yep, you read right.  I literally don't remember the last time I went to Oak Park Mall.  Sad I know.  I had never even SEEN the American Girl Doll store there (and it's really cool!).  But my friend, Emily, and her husband and son literally go almost every Saturday.  Jeff is from a small town, so Emily says the mall is really cool to him.  Ha.  Oh Jeff - we love you.  But seriously, turns out...especially with a is.

We made it through half the mall in the stroller {by the way, Charlie hates the stroller and everything about sitting still} and then got to the kids play area.  Surprisingly, he was not interested and just stared at the other kids and couldn't take his eyes off the carousel. It was like a big mysterious thing to him.

So we forked over $2 and I decided we'd make a memory and ride the carousel with him for the first time.  It was pretty fun and worth every penny.  Only 200 pennies - but 200 well spent pennies.

He was terrified at first.  Like held onto dear life.

Then he started to love it.  A lot.

And how far carousel's have come.  This one was so safety conscious it had a strap on each horse.  

Let's just add that to the list of things that never existed when we were kids.  It's a wonder we survived through that! Ha.

Then we were off to Barnes and Noble for 11AM story time.  Pretty much the one place in the KC area with weekend story times.  Needless to say, the only way I could get him to sit down was to hand over my starbucks strawberry and banana smoothie I had just bought.  #whatadiva

During his nap, I did my one and only Valentine's Day craft that had 3 uses - more on that later - and then we took some V-Day pictures for our annual card.  He was a happy boy!

Saturday night?  Well - we went to my parents and I did our taxes while Jimmy watched basketball and Charlie "rode the bike" and played pinball with my parents.  Did I mention we ate Chipotle?  Yep - it was a good night too.  {despite my time on a soap box bitching about taxes.  such is life}

On Sunday we had a BUNCH of Pi Phi girls and their babies {and significant others} over to our house for brunch.  We see each other quite regularly with girl's night dinners, but it is always after our little ones are in bed.  I literally hadn't seen a few of these babes since they were first born and we took dinner over to their house.  Throw that sad fact in with the fact that my child LOVES people coming over to our house to play (and we do too) and it was a perfect combination.

And so easy.  Just a quick Roomba vacuum, I made 3 things - one I'll share that was so easy and so yummy, and then everyone showed up with one thing and wa-la!  We had a full spread of delicious brunch items and drinks to enjoy.  So the adults and fun.  And the kids?  Well - let's just say my dad's hard work of putting together our basement "playground" was put to good use!!

All I have to tell you is Charlie took an almost 3 hour nap that afternoon.   He was exhausted from all the running and laughing and playing and laughing and running and laughing.  Repeat and repeat.

Luckily, someone mentioned getting a picture of all these kids - so we did just that!  We were even missing one - Will - who had just left!!  So there were really 9!  Ranging from 1 month old (Luke) to almost 4.5 years old (Kenley, the only girl {not in utero} in attendance!).  Needless to say, these Pi Phis have been BUSY making and raising babies these past few years.  And with lots of pregnant people at this brunch - Lyssa put it best, we WILL need another full couch for the same picture next year!  So crazy!

{Noah, Jack, Bowen, Kenley, Stratton, Brodie, Charlie, sweet baby Luke}
And the outtakes - because what would a picture with 8 kids without outtakes!

And there goes Jack and Noah!

As for Charlie, he stayed put on the couch after everyone made their exit.  Not sure why, but I snapped a few of him "saying cheese".

And these 2??!   Well they are the oldest of the bunch and well, they sure had a fun time together.  Kenley was running around saying Brodie's name non-stop and rumor has it that she even talked about him in the car.  Um - I die.  So adorable.

Seriously, after everyone a snowstorm was coming AGAIN...Jimmy and I just stood there saying we seriously need to do this every month because it was so fun and so easy!!! What a blessing that after being friends with these girls for TEN years (yep, that one will make you feel old), we are still all able to get together and have our kids play!!

Needless to say - during Charlie's 3 hour nap, this guy took a nap too.

And this lady enjoyed some quiet time and a delicious {virgin} bloody mary!

We ended the snowy and cold evening with a great start to a sermon series at 5:00 church.  It was just what I needed too.

So overall, we didn't do that much, but what we did do - it was grand.  Most weekends I feel like we are RUNNING around everywhere or I'm trying to do like 14,000 things with only time for 12,000.  But when we laid down in bed at 8:00 (HA), we were both smiling.  That's a good weekend friends.  So many things and people to be thankful for.

Hope you enjoyed it too - despite most of the U.S. being covered in snow and/or cold!!

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