Sunday, February 23, 2014

Halfway already! {20 weeks}

How am I already HALFWAY!?!?  20 weeks pregnant!  Seriously so crazy.

If the next 20 weeks go as fast as the first, this little baby will be here soon!!

How Far Along?  20 weeks

Size of Baby: Size of a banana and said her skin is thickening.

Gender: GIRL - I think we are still in shock!  But it's starting to sink in and the excitement is starting!

Weight Gain: 11.5 lbs now

Maternity Clothes: Yes - I am already starting to get sick of my maternity shirts!

Nursery: Well - we have it taped and trimmed, now just need to find a night for Jimmy to roll it and it's painted!  Jimmy even offered to paint white stripes on the north wall with the window - I'm still trying to decide if I want it!  But I did buy some pink chevron crib sheets this weekend!

Movement: Feeling her move more at certain times of the day - particularly when I get in bed at night before I go to sleep.

Symptoms: Feeling good still!

Sleep: Decent sleep but now having some crazy dreams

Cravings: Hmmm - fried pickles and fried macaroni this week topped off with wings at Jefferson's certainly satisfied any and all cravings.  I was really wanting Mexican food this week too!

What I Miss: Bloody Mary's.  However, the virgin one's are pretty good.  And healthy, right? Tomato juice?!?

Best Moment This Week: For sure finding out it's a girl (!)

Panic Moment This Week: For sure finding out it's a girl (OMG!)

Looking Forward To: After getting an email from Target that had cute little boy and girl Easter outfits and was the turning point and made me super excited to dress a little boy AND girl!! So fun!

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  1. I have one of each and it really is so great!! I am not very girly but now that I have a daughter you better believe I make her as girly as can be!

  2. ah I'm already sick of all my maternity shirts as well! and still 19 more weeks to go haha. i'm sure my co-workers are like seriously you wear the same thing every week... but I refuse to spend a fortune on maternity clothes!!

  3. We think alike girlfriend! Was looking at the Target Easter outfits for Ham, and then realized...OMG, I get to buy an Easter dress this year for Nelle! So much fun in store for you. :)

  4. Yay! It's a girl!! Don't worry, I'm also panicked about having a girl! I can't believe you've halfway! I'm a few weeks behind you but I also feel like it's flying by! Our baby girls will be here before we know it!