Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday


Again, linking up with DarciAprilNatasha and Christina for 5 on Friday!


My little reader.  Oh this sweet little boy just loves right before bath time now likes to sit in his chair, pick out his favorite books and read to himself and it's pretty stinking cute.

He's saying words and making funny faces.  Makes me smile!


As if I haven't posted this a million times on every piece of social media possible - but yes, we are having a girl.  And even though we are going with the big things gender neutral (just in case there is a #3), we're going with some fun pink accents.  I've been perusing Pinterest for some ideas and love these!  How cute and fun!  Jimmy is painting as we speak and I'm excited to see the end result!

Source 1
Source 2


I just love love love fresh flowers. 

And while the Valentine's Day delivery didn't make it on Friday (poor Jimmy), they finally showed up at my desk on Tuesday morning and MAN have they smelled good all week.  I just LOVE the smell of star gazer lilies so so much. 

Let the holiday live on a whole week!


Freezer meal exchange.

Yes - I cannot wait.  A friend that I used to work with set it up and invited me and five other girls to join in the fun.  She has done a great job of organizing it all and the recipes we each are making were voted on via survey monkey, the date is set and we are ready to swap.  I cannot wait!!

Here are some ideas on how to get one started if you are interested - but I'll try to remember to update on how it goes in the next few weeks.


Guess what?

My flight is booked and housing is set - so I'm headed over the pond in less than a month for work.  Yep, London, here I come.


I'm so so excited and cannot wait to head to Europe for the first time as well as getting to meet some folks in our London office that I work with.

But terrified at the same time to leave my boys for a whole week.  I don't think I have been away from Jimmy for a whole 7 days in at least 5 years and have only been away from my sweet boy, Charlie, for just 36 hours!!!

So any tips for a first time traveler to London?  And any tips on being ok with leaving your husband and child for a week!?  AH!

Looking forward to a fun weekend and hope you are too!

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  1. Um a freezer meal exchange is BRILLIANT. and yay for pink accents!!!

  2. LOVE those nursery inspiration photos! I think I posted the same one on my blog before we knew if Brantley was a boy or gilr! Not gonna lie, a little jealous the PINK! :)