Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So here's the thing.  I went to K-State and Jimmy went to KU.

We spent our last 2 years of college driving between Manhattan and Lawrence...each thinking our city and school were the best.  

And here's the thing.  I still bleed purple.  But ever since we got married - I'm convinced Jimmy has been trying to brainwash me to like KU.  He fought really hard to get me to get my MBA there versus UMKC (however, KU is a LOT more expensive and that just wasn't in the cards).  And ever since Charlie was born.  

Well, I would like to say it has truly been a house divided - but passion for our school's sports has seemed to have a greater weight.  

Or maybe the fact that I'm cheap and don't buy K-State clothes.

Or maybe it's the fact that I've always been in love with the city of Lawrence since I started dating Jimmy and now that we live 20 minutes away from it...I can't seem to get enough.

No matter what it is - I haven't been brainwashed into liking KU - but more the city of Lawrence and all it has to offer.

{That being said - I still wish Manhattan was just 20 minutes away because that 2 hour drive just makes it much harder}

I mean as much as I'm not a Jayhawk fan...I have to say my boys look pretty cute in their KU matching hats and they eventually were wearing matching shirts (because Jimmy is not allowed to wear the "Sun your buns in Miami" shirt out in public).

This last Saturday after nap time, we headed to Lawrence to have an early dinner with friends and by the time we got up there we just had to stop by the park on Mass Street.  The weather was just too nice in the sun to not take advantage of.  

And Charlie was loving it.  It's so fun to see him and how his personality emerges.  He started by not letting go of my hand and walking circles around the whole playground.  Then he spent some time on the toddler size playground, until he eventually made his way on the big kid stuff.  But he wouldn't walk across the bridge to the slide because he was scared at first.

And just like that - he decided it was OK to stand.  I love that confidence!

The fun thing about this park?  We got some of our engagement pictures taken here at the gazebo across the street.  It's just crazy to think that over 4 years ago when those were taken (October 2009) how much more blessed our lives are.  We had no idea what was in store for us to come in the future and how fun and exciting.  And even more fun and exciting bringing our sweet boy to that same place to enjoy a nice day at the park with his sweet little sister nestled in my belly.

Yep, that is enough to brainwash me into loving Lawrence, KS.  It's been good to our family.

And Mass Street and Jefferson's with Katie and Max and then a trip to get homemade ice cream?

Yep, I'll take that any day of the week.  

And then seeing my husband proudly walk down Mass Street with our son strapped to his back "just like his back pack, but better" (his words, not mine) was even more hilarious and fun to see.

{Yes, that is the Ergo baby that I found at Marshall's for $69 (UM - yeah that's a steal!) that is really for baby girl...but I was excited to find it and get some toddler use out of it as a way to wrangle our crazy toddler.  And guess what?  He loved it.}

The best part was on our walk back to the car from the ice cream place while I was sharing small bites on a spoon with Charlie while Jimmy was walking with him on his back.  Charlie would arch his back as I put the spoon in his mouth.  This cute college couple behind us told us they just wanted to walk behind our cute family because watching our son eat that ice cream was cracking them up.

What's crazy is that I wanted to word vomit to them that we were them (you know, that college couple walking on Mass Street) just seven years ago.  And to enjoy life and enjoy each other because you know what, you have a whole lot to look forward to.  Because even though there are good days and bad days in our life, we are loving all that it has to bring us every single one of them.

Luckily for them - I didn't word vomit them.  But I smiled at them a lot.

So after we made the quick drive home, Jimmy turned on the KU game.  And the brainwashing continued.  Not because of the game or that they destroyed Texas that night...but more because watching Charlie look at his dad watch a basketball game is just precious.  

When Jimmy cheers, Charlie cheers.  
When Jimmy throws his hands up, Charlie throws his hands up.  
When Jimmy stares intently at the screen, Charlie stares intently at the screen.

I just think it's the cutest to see how much he looks up to him.  And guess what?

All the fun we had that afternoon is enough to brainwash me into loving Lawrence, KS even more.

But I still won't wear a Jayhawk shirt.  Sorry Jam.

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