Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day fun

This year for Valentine's Day - I'm not going to focus on what we did with Charlie because, let's be real.  The holiday was on a Friday and we went to work and school.  I thoroughly enjoyed leaving work a little bit early to attend his school Valentine's Day party.  Seriously - this age is the just the cutest and they are so funny.  However, the minute someone mentioned "Elmo" he was over the party and all he wanted to do was get in the car.  Ha ha.  So I didn't get any pictures - but that's ok.  It's the memories that count, right?  And no cute baskets of presents - we bought our family a gold membership pass to the KC Zoo instead because we thought that would be the perfect spring/summer activity for our family!!  I cannot wait to use it!

Well back to Valentine's Day, Charlie and I headed across town to pick up some delicious Thai food take out while he watched Sesame Street 1-2-3 two times (lucky him - I seriously know the whole video by now.  It's sick).  And then we literally sat at the island in the kitchen eating take out from styrofoam containers.  

So nope, sorry, no pictures of that.

We hung out, the three (well four) of us.  And Charlie said "hi baby" like 14 times and then hugged and kissed my belly.  And that was it.  My Valentine's Day was complete!  So cute.

After we put Charlie down, Jimmy had a special activity planned.  I was excited to see what he had up his sleeve.  And boy was it something! Ha!

Have you heard of Bob Ross?

Well, Jimmy is obsessed with him.  Like so much that he watches his videos on you tube of him painting pictures every night when he gets into bed before he goes to sleep.  I have never watched with him.  Well - I got a taste of one on Valentine's Day and while I sucked at painting it, it was pretty fun.

He had it all set up with 2 canvases, the video ready to go, all the brushes and painting tools and a color palette for each of us.  


I think I was a little disappointed because mine turned out nothing like Bob's.  But I mean, I guess it's not horrible.  Those stupid evergreen trees were my least favorite thing and he kept adding them!! Sheesh!

However frustrated I was, it was a great activity and a fun date night with our little man sound asleep upstairs.  So Valentine's Day or just a date night, I think my man came up with a pretty fun activity that might have been better than Pinot's Pallet because I got to wear sweatpants and swear when I messed up.  

Then we went to bed at 9:00.  So that made it even more glorious.

Thanks Jimmy for a fantastic Valentine's Day!!

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  1. Those look awesome! You are good at painting no matter what you say!

  2. I seriously love this post. Suck it Pinterest.