Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New 'do

Today at 6PM....I'm getting my haircut. Not just a normal haircut, but quick the "chop", if you will. I have not been happy with my hair for awhile because I like wearing it curly most days due to the ease of it (about 10 min getting ready)---but pretty much hate the way it looks. Not enough volume. My hair looks like I just got out of the shower. Just gross and sick. I know, very positive self image. Haha.

However, this past weekend at Erica's wedding in Dallas (oh don't you worry- there will be a post on that soon!), I ran into one of her friend's who had a really cute short bob type cut with the same curly hair I have. But it looked SOOOO cute. With the short bob and layers and all. It had the perfect amount of volume and I loved the way it looked all around. I spotted her on Friday night at the after party, after the rehearsal dinner. Didn't have my camera, but pretty much dragged her around to show Jimmy and Vanessa to get their feedback. They said "go for it". That was step 1. Step 2 was snapping some actual pictures so Lacie would have something to work off of. I conveniently already had an appointment set up for today already- which I realized, it had to be fate and I must move forward with my changed hair cut immediately. It was like someone from above was speaking to me saying "you see this cut, it's "you", and it's not just a coincidence you have an appointment already". Call me superstitious, weird, or really just nuts, but because I didn't have to go to the extra work to set an appointment up or wait....I knew I had to.

Then on Saturday, I saw the "hair" that I want at the wedding (aka Julie). So as I was snapping pictures of the lovely bride and groom cutting their fabulous cake....I snapped a few pictures of her hair. From the front. From the side. From the back. All angles covered :) I got them developed yesterday- along with some wedding pictures- don't worry, I realized if I just got pictures of someone else's hair printed off and then the person realized it wasn't me as I was checking out--that might be odd. I had fillers, that were actually needed fillers.

In merely hours now, I'll be stepping into the salon to get a nice little cut, maybe some color, and hopefully emerge with a cute and more efficient haircut. As Jimmy would say, I love efficiently. And yes, it's true. I will update tonight after the hair cut with a picture. If you can't tell...I'm very excited. So hopefully, I will be feeling the same way walking out of the salon.

And yes, I was still very excited and still am!!

Before: Picture from Erica and Andrew's rehearsal dinner

After #1: Weird lighting and fan blowing my hair in my face. I woke Jimmy up to take this.

Again, not sure about this light either.

And the back. After I saw this picture, I decided I need to learn how to style the back. Only day 1 though!

Loving it already though! My hair stylist was awesome and even when I kept saying, maybe a little shorter layers...she said "if I go any shorter, it might look like a mullet". Very nice of her because she's the expert and no, I don't want a mullet!!

As Jimmy said: "One step closer to the "mom" haircut". I guess Jimmy.


  1. Haha - I'm cracking up about Jimmy saying you have a "mom" haircut. Andrew has just started saying I am beginning to dress like a mom. Sorry I am not 18 and can't dress like I'm in college anymore, and yes, my shorts are a respectable length. Haha.

  2. I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that's a mom haircut then I could be your grandma! So cute though!!

  3. Love the hair! Not even close to a mama.