Friday, June 4, 2010

Famous friends!!!

Remember THIS post about Vanessa being a blog star?? And how unbelieveably exciting that was? Well, if you thought that was fun...just wait until you read this. All you need to do to see it yourself is go to your local grocery store (if you live in the midwest) and pick up your own copy of The Knot magazine...why?? Because Vanessa is featured in a beautiful full page picture in her wedding dress talking about the vintage details she brought into her awesome style for her big day!!! Here are some teaser pictures from my own copy :) SOOO exciting and SOOO gorgeous!! Yeah for famous friends!!!!!!!

I went and picked myself up a copy last night. And drooled over it. And left it open so Jimmy could see it when he got home. I'm not obsessed, just a proud/excited friend!!

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