Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo of the day

Saw this at a stop sign in KCMO. Now really---would anyone actually go there to claim their free gift?

Chris- do you think Vanessa would even stoop this low to claim her "free" gift? Haha. You did say she'd even accept a snake if it was free...


  1. I wanted to get the free gift. But you wouldn't let me go. Vanessa would definitely take the free gift. Which was probably a bullet to the face

  2. BAAAAHAHAHAHA…how am I just now seeing this post?!?! I am laying in bed (on an air mattress in Hannibal), laughing so hard…oops, just woke Chris up. He said, "yes, you would get the free gift…and get with it, Brittany posted that like forever ago'. A bullet to the face--hahahaha. OH wow, thanks for a great start to my 4th of July morning Carters :)