Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mud: How I loathe thee

Last year, around this same time...we were in the process of ripping out our backyard walkway and our front walkway and we had a HUGE dumpster in our driveway to dispose of all the old and worn concrete. So there was mud everywhere when it rained because there was no concrete.

This year, we are running into the same issue..however, 1) this one was not our choice and 2) this time around it might be worse. The city put in new gas lines on our street, which means for the last month or 2 so they ripped up the area of grass in between the sidewalk and the street. It was like that on our wedding day (April 10), if that gives you any reference to how long this has been going on. So recently, they finished that and then put the dirt back into the correct place and put grass seed down to help the grass grow again. Well, that is still mud with little grass sprouts. These things take time people.

We kept getting these notices saying they are going to next rip up our driveway and we wouldn't be able to get in and out of it for 24-48 hours. Well that construction finally started last Thursday. So that means we now have to park across the street from our house and walk across the street to get to our house....where there is no curb or bottom portion of the driveway. And lots of dirt. Lots of dirt. And yesterday, they put a string up (I'm guessing to measure the concrete level??) that you have to hurdle over to get from one side of the dirt to the other side of the dirt. I kept thinking to myself, "this sucks, but at least it's not mud". Apparently that one thought brought me bad luck---because it POURED yesterday in KC and guess what? Mud, the kind you literally sink into when you foot hits it, is now the barrier between me and my house. I ruined my work shoes yesterday from it, and therefore refused to leave the house for the rest of the night. And you can't go to the grocery store or buy big things because you have to jump over the string hurdle and get through the mud to get in...and it makes it a bit more tricky with things in hand. However, there is nothing I can do about it. Awesome.

Our missing curb. And the MUD

The driveway drop off.

No sidewalk for us!

Loving the mud...

On a really really really happy note---our Air Conditioner was fixed on Monday and the two weeks without AC was abruptly halted. It felt so good on Monday night sleeping with it on....and I'm so glad we got it fixed when we did because it has been very humid this week because of the rain...what happened to spring time? I feel like we dove head first into summer and the summer weather/temperatures.
To quickly relate these 2 things...the AC repair man was clearly put out by the fact that our driveway was ripped up and aghast at the fact he would have to carry his supplies all the way from the street. He even called Jimmy to ask him if there was any way to get in our driveway? Not sure what Jimmy's response was, besides no, but mine would have been "Are you blind? There is no way to get in or out unless you want to hire a tow truck to pull your van out of the 2-3 ft hole. Just do your job and carry your stuff in!". I wanted AC that bad I was willing to be rude. However, I didn't get to discuss that with him. Maybe next time. So he suck it up and carried all his stuff from the street to our basement. What an inconvenience we were to him :)

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