Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dog party

So throughout the day, Jimmy and I text on and off. However, today was an exceptional day. Jimmy was really on his A game today with the on going story that he made up about our dogs and what he was texting me all day.

It started out like this....

Brittany: Sup dudio
Brittany: I miss M&W&T
Jimmy: Haha dudio?
Jimmy: I always miss them
Brittany: :( they are so cute
Brittany: And nixe
Brittany: Nice*
Jimmy: I do like them
Jimmy: Willyjandro requested to stay out of his cage today. So I let him stay out
Brittany: Haha no u didnt
Jimmy: Yes I did. Willyjandro requested it
Brittany: Well willyjandro doesn't get everything he wants
Jimmy: He does
Jimmy: And he did

Then there was a break....and he randomly started it again....

Jimmy: Willyjandro! Willywillyjandro!
Brittany: Stop it
Jimmy: He's out and naked and lounging on our couches! (our naked = no collar on)
Brittany: Hahahah
Jimmy: He probably ordered a pizza and turned up the tv real loud on a movie just like on home alone
Brittany: Haha

Another break...probably during our lunch time. Then, he kept it going.

Jimmy: I wonder if willyjandro's pizza came yet
Brittany: Ok
Jimmy: Willyjandro ordered a keg to our house! DOG PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittany: You are a freak
Brittany: Hahaha
Brittany: I would love if that actually happened!
Jimmy: Milly just called my cell phone to tattle. She sounded drunk but she said toby is being a bouncer and charging dogs 20$ to get in and there are about 40 dogs over right now
Jimmy: And all I could hear was Alejandro by Lady Gaga blaring in the background
Brittany: Omg
Jimmy: What?
Brittany: U r SOO crazy
Jimmy: I bet ur lol'ing
Ji​mmy: Haha will is standing on his hind legs like a person just nodding his head and guarding the keg

Then it was over. I laughed a lot, though. And for some reason, as I was driving home, I couldn't stop thinking about how funny it would be if that is actually what our dogs did when we were at work everyday (obviously they don't, but go with me on this one).

In comes MY imagination. I thought it was so funny that he said Milly was tattling on the boys (probably because she was scared of getting in trouble) to him. Then I started thinking---what if all the boy dogs ganged up on her....and danced for her, in our family room. How funny would that be? And, here you have it people, many of the boy dogs in our lives....dancing for Milly. Watch the video thinking that they are performing this in our family room (aka man cave) with Milly sitting on the couch watching in horror...

This video is starring...
Willy Carter (parents Brittany & Jimmy)
Toby Carter (parents Brittany & Jimmy)
Puddles Bruns (parents Barb & Roger)
Franklin Moore (parents Ali & Andrew)
Tyson Griffin (parents Emily & Adam)


Trust don't want to miss this. So funny! Thanks for letting me steal pictures of your cute male pups :)


  1. This is the funniest post you've ever put up. By far. Hands down hysterical.

  2. SOOOOO funny!! Adam and I are sitting in bed reading this and cracking up. The video is priceless!