Sunday, June 6, 2010

The weekend in pictures!

Instead of writing out the whole (full) weekend---I decided to give it to you in pictures. Some of them are mine that I took, some of them are not.

The weekend kicked off with a visit to the Sprint store. Jimmy had been eyeing the new Sprint phone, the Evo 4G, for a while. I thought it was too expensive and mainly that we wouldn't be able to find one the afternoon of the launch. Well, lucky for him, they happened to get 20 in when he showed up after work. After I got there, he had a convincing story for me as to why we needed them. And he had money leftover from the honeymoon. Really, no one wants to see their husband grovel in public, so I caved. So far, so good, except the battery life.

Then it was home for a pasta dinner (loading up on carbs) with Jimmy, Dan and Danny. Dan and Jimmy handled the wine for Danny and I since we were racing in the morning. But it was delicious!

Next it was up early for the Hospital Hill 10K! It started at 7:15AM and Jimmy dropped Danny and off around 6:45 so we had some decent stretching time. It was amazing. Here was us at the finish. More on that later though.

After the race. It was exciting!! And Courtney and Brian were there to watch us finish!! So fun!

I dominated Danny. Haha, ok not really. This was staged...but still funny.

After a shower, Jim and I grabbed breakfast at Hy-Vee and did some grocery shopping for our Sunday night celebratory dinner (last night with no AC!). Then it was off to Monica's (Jimmy's cousin) baby shower with the Carter girls! They had an ADORABLE set up with some great food and decorations. It was good to see everyone because I hadn't seen them since our wedding! I didn't take any pictures :( But here is kind of what her crib bedding looks like for their new little baby Frank (calling him Frankie) that will be here in July! Congrats to the new family!!

Next it was off to Katy's (niece) first birthday celebration! She was so stinking cute with her little outfit! Cannot believe she is already one!! I feel like she was just born!! Crazy how time flies!

First cake!!

Princess cupcakes with laffy taffy crowns- YUM!

Most of the Carter kids enjoying the delicious cupcakes!

They are getting married VERY soon!! We need to get Hillary's shower planned ASAP :)

Such a very happy baby!!

THEN- we went home and it was like 100 degrees in our house (due to the lack of AC). So we called up Barb and asked her if we (and our 3 dogs) could crash at her house for the night. She of course accepted...but that meant there were LOTS of dogs and people in the Bruns house. We appreciate her letting us stay there! I still think Jimmy got the good end of the deal because he slept on the floor in the basement where it was super cold and I slept upstairs in a bedroom with all 3 dogs. But anyways, it was MUCH cooler than our house- so thanks mom!!

The next morning I hit up Target to return some bedding I bought for the office daybed and was looking for inspiration for the color scheme of the room. I found this RUG! And fell in love. Bought it and lots of stuff to go with it, so stay tuned on that reveal :)

Then we headed to Danny's parents pool for some time in the sun with me, Jimmy, Danny and Dan (see a trend here??). I didn't take any pictures here- but pretty much I laid on a mat in the pool while they made fun of each other and threw the football around.

Then it was time to come home and start the prep for the simply scrumptious steak meal (see recipe I found in a magazine below). They claimed it was "fast and easy and cheap". Um, it was none of those. More like, "very time consuming and hard and expensive", but whatever. It tasted good, right? :)

Dinner consisted of LOTS of grilled vegetables. With a delicious marinade.

2 ribeye steaks

With some heirloom tomatoes on top. YUM.

And to finish it off....a key lime cheesecake (which is Jimmy's favorite). Really, I just wanted to make this because it called to use a spring form pan....which was one of the things I registered for that Jimmy said "we'll never use that". And, I just did. :)

Finally, we finished off the night with our new NetFlix addiction, Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. It's very addicting. And very good.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend. My dad is back from Iowa and will be at our house to talk to the AC guy when he comes tomorrow- which his appointment time is, "whenever", so thank goodness my dad can hang out.

We also had some very sad of my friend's dad's unexpectedly passed away, so we are praying for her and their family. He was quite an amazing guy and we will miss him and all the wonderful things he brought to this world!

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