Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun in the kitchen

This was what the road looked like while we were on our way to Nebraska Furniture Mart on Saturday morning. Yes, apparently we are incredibly dedicated homeowners...or just plain stupid.But after we finally made it there (after some other quite interesting events, that will most likely bore you, so I won't go into them), we finally got to talk to a salesperson with a decent amount of customer service and he showed us what we liked in terms of new kitchen appliances.

Now I know what you must be thinking....
"Whoa....what? Hold on a are getting new kitchen appliances? Why wasn't this research and decision making effort documented on the blog? "

I know I know. However, here's the quick and dirty decision making process. We have a fridge in the garage. We really like having that extra fridge in the garage to store pop, beer, yogurt, left overs, etc. Mainly we just like the extra space and convenience of it. And I just really like it. That's really all you need to know. SOOOO---the fridge there now, we were storing for my grandparents because they moved apartments last year and didn't need this one. Well, the just bought a new townhouse and now they need it. So next week, we'll be without a beer/pop/garage fridge.

That means, we needed a new fridge in our kitchen so we can move the fridge that is there now in the garage. We got that fridge when we moved in our house for about $150 from a friend...very standard fridge and it has worked great. However, I have become to hate ice trays..with a passion. And would love an ice maker. Jimmy has never ever in his life apparently lived somewhere with an ice maker. So he doesn't know what he is missing...which means I have convinced him it's an absolute necessity in life. And we NEED one to keep living. That didn't take much convincing.

So it was settled, we were going to get a new fridge, with an ice maker. Stainless steel, so start our appliance upgrade. Then we'd just get all the others one new later. Um, yeah. So I thought. Then we (I) thought about it and we could actually probably afford to buy ALL new ones, with a reasonable budget in hand. Especially since we had a large Nebraska Furniture Mart gift card that popped out of nowhere (YES, WE WON A $500 NFM GIFT CARD! APPARENTLY WHEN WE STARTED OUR REGISTRY THERE, WE ENTERED OURSELVES INTO THIS CONTEST. AND WON. DON'T HATE ME (US) BECAUSE WE ARE LUCKY) and I won an award at work for $250 that can translate into a NFM gift card and Jimmy won employee of the month and got $50. So right there, we have about $800 towards this purchase. So that was enough downpayment for me to rationalize this. I told Jimmy I thought it was fine. He believed me because he thinks I'm smart, so we started looking for everything.

The salesmen said GE had a special going on right now where you can pay the price for white appliances and get the upgrade to stainless steel for free---just happened to be the fridge Jimmy and I were inquiring about was part of the deal. So from there, we looked at a new dishwasher and he gave us a sweet deal on that...then an oven and then a microwave. We weren't buying then, as we needed to go home and measure what size of fridge could fit, but he locked in the prices and said to find him tomorrow (sunday).

We did just that. Headed back there after a nice brunch with my family to celebrate my mom's birthday (more on that later) and walked out 4 appliances "richer". Presenting the beauties that will grace our kitchen with their presence starting June 26!

Me: Most excited about the fridge and oven...fridge because of the ice maker/water dispenser and oven because apparently they now make ovens with the baking element underneath instead of in the oven. If that doesn't make sense to you, just leave it at that. The minute I found out they made ovens like that like...I had to have one. Like I mentioned before, GREAT salesmen we had.

Jimmy: Most excited for the dishwasher. With an adjustable to row, Jimmy is happy because apparently I really stink at loading the dishwasher in an orderly manner.

And this my friends, will finish off our kitchen "remodel". I will of course post pictures after they are installed. The day we get them is also Lyssa's wedding day- so we'll be celebrating that first and foremost!! To see other posts on the kitchen changes/remodel, check these out:

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  1. Yahoo for new appliances. I'm excited. Driving to Nfm we almost died in the monsoon. Hardly a minor detail.

  2. Good decision! Appliances > man cave. :)