Wednesday, June 2, 2010

HAHA. Very funny trickster.

Yesterday, I got into work from the long weekend and had 2 voicemails on my work phone. One was stupid but the other was from someone named Joe Richardson...wanted to talk about some of my reports that I had just sent him.

As it was 7AM (after a 3 day weekend), I was stumped on who this person might be and what reports they are talking about--because I don't recall working with anyone having that name. However, I did send another report to different Joe right before I left on Friday---but nope, that wasn't him. I look the name up in the company directory and there is no one by that name. And, the phone number that he left for me to call him back was 913 area code---which my work is all 816 area code. So I knew it wasn't someone internal. I didn't think much of it, but just added his name and number to my to do list to call him back when I got the chance.

So right before I went to lunch, I picked up my work phone and dialed the number back. What do I hear when I pick up the phone???

"Hello, (insert company name), this is Jimmy speaking, how can I help you?"

Oh really- yes that would be Jimmy, my husband. I stay silent for like 2 seconds, trying to process everything that had just happened. Few things that spiraled through my mind:

- Wait- so my husband is really Joe Richardson?
- This is confusing...
- OHHHH so this is the prank call that Emily was talking about and telling me about this weekend.
- Wait, why is he doing this?
- Wait, why does he have enough extra time to prank call people- are we in 7th grade?
- Ok, this is hysterical
- I'm slightly annoyed because he added one more thing to my daily to do list
- But still keep laughing, and sound of laughter emerges for him to hear on the other line when I say...

"JIMMY!! You prank called me at work- you weirdo. Haha"

He starts laughing. We talk for .5 seconds because I have other stuff to do, but I keep smiling thinking about how funny that I'm over the fact I apparently was smart enough to put the whole thing together. And he's disappointed I didn't recognize his voice!! What?! I mean I'm checking my messages at 7AM first of all, and second of all, sorry that it would NEVER occur to me that anyone would prank call my work phone---let alone my husband.

Well, at least he is still keeping me smiling, right :)


  1. Haha. This made me laugh!! Love it. Adam used to do this at my old job... he would can acting to be someone who was looking for a job, so funny.