Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's 100 degrees in KC...and the AC breaks! Seriously??

Last night I got home from work and walked into what felt like a sauna...which supposedly was our house. Which it was hot when I walked in from the garage....the surge of heat didn't hit me smack in the face until I walked up the stairs. WOW!! My glasses fogged up (it was that freaking hot)! All the doors were closed to the bedrooms because my dad had been there working outside the house earlier, so I figured he just closed them so the dogs wouldn't potty anywhere they weren't supposed to and since they were closed there was no air circulation from the vents. So I opened up the guest room door (where the dog's kennel is) and realized that wasn't the case because it was smoking hot in that room too.

I ignored the issue for about 15 minutes or so, took the dogs out, fed them, changed clothes for bootcamp, and then realized that it wasn't just my mind playing tricks. When I went to check the thermostat and it said a big 8-5, yeah I couldn't ignore it anymore. Unfortunately for Jimmy, I had to go to workout and he was headed over to the house to meet Evan for some plumbing work. Now this became his issue- and he took care of it just wonderfully :)

The good news is that when we bought the house, the seller paid for one year of a home warranty as part of our contract....and this is just the situation when that comes in handy (thanks Brenda for making sure we wrote that into the contract)!!! So Jimmy got out the home warranty papers out of our newly organized file cabinet (thanks to yours truly) and set up an appointment for them to come out and look at it today (Tuesday). Let's just hope they say "Easy fix" and we're back in our house. Otherwise...David will have a new roommate for a while (Lauren) and Daisy will continue with her depression while Milly, Willy, and I shack it up at the Bruns household.

All I can say- is what the heck did people do in the "old days?". I couldn't handle staying in that HOT house for more than 25 minutes!!!!

The AC playing tricks on us...

Um...pretty much what I looked like last night (but in girl form)

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