Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bargain Shopping

So with a new house, comes new expenses...and of course that means DECORATING!! Which is my favorite thing (if only the funds were unlimited). We already had furniture for most of the rooms in the house and bought an awesome counter-height table and 8 chairs off of Craigslist..which has become my new obsession as well- the picture of it below and also you get a sneak peak of the dining room color for those of you that haven't been able to come over yet!

Anyways, the biggest purchase that has been made thus far was by Jimmy. It is the wonderful furniture that is now in the man cave. Jimmy's requirements: comfortable with recliners. What we ended up with...a big comfy couch that has 2 recliners split right down the middle and a chaise lounge/oversized chair that also reclines! I love them and they are VERY comfy, but my only hesitation was that they are beige which is a little dangerous with 3 dogs. When the sales person told us that there is a 5 year fabric protection plan available....we were sold.

So with the brown wood paneling and the beige furniture....the room was really lacking color! Last Thursday, I aimlessly walked into Kohls because they had some pillows on sale in their ad that morning. Little did I know, I walked into a jackpot! I had been thinking of doing orange and red (surprise surprise) as the accent colors in the room...and I stumbled upon a runner that was red, orange, beige, and brown squares with black outline. I mean I couldn't have designed it better. When I looked at the price tag, I about lost it. Originally priced at $189.99, and on clearance for $37.99- I knew I could make it work somewhere. So I laid it on the floor and began throwing in pillows that matched to look at the colors. Then I went back to the rug clearance shelf and dug around and little and pulled out a 5x8 rug that was $199.99 and it was on clearance for $38.99. Are you kidding me? It was almost as if someone was just shoving these rugs in front of me saying "buy me, buy me! you are crazy if you don't".

I did contemplate buying both. I mean these are "needs" so I called Barb for advice. After much deliberation- she convinced me that I would be crazy to not by both because I'd regret it later. And boy was she right. They look AWESOME! The runner I put right as you walk in the family room from the garage and then the other one underneath the coffee table. And what the heck- I found some candles that were $12.99 on sale for $2.59 so I mean why not? Just add to the total saved, right?!

Here is a picture of the couch, a little of the rug, and the new pillows.

Oh and of course---the receipt from Kohls to prove it!! When I finished checking out and the cashier was like "WHOA- how is that possible? You spent half that!" My response was simply a smile and this thought in my head as I was walking out: Barb Bruns raised me well---always be on the look out for a deal and never pass up a deal that good :)

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