Wednesday, June 17, 2009


What is that picture of you might be asking yourself?? Oh that's right. That is the 13 $50 gift cards from Home Depot that were delivered from UPS today to my front door!! How much is that??? A whopping $650!!!!!!!!! Now why would I be so excited about this and how did these come into my possession?? Ah...oddly enough I have Deloitte Consulting to thank for that!!

In my year as a consultant I racked up a ton of American Express points using the company credit card. When it came time for me to quit and obviously forfeit the corporate card (really sad I know), I opened up a personal Amex card and transferred the points to there because I didn't know what I was going to spend them on just yet. So I waited and waited....racked up just a few thousand more points on my own and then fast forward to Monday morning. I am walking into work after have a BRILLIANT idea on how to do a low cost renovation of the master bathroom thanks to a visit from Ms Jamie Miller and her insight!!! She suggested instead of ripping all the tile out since it's still in good condition, I should just try to rip off the pink tiles that act as a border around the tan tile and replace those. BAM! I go to Home Depot on Sunday and find the perfect match. 94 cent black tiles that are the same width so it's just a simple swap (well we'll see if I'm still using the adjective "simple" after the project is underway, but in my mind it's really easy). Of course the finance/budget person in me is thinking, with those 105 or so tiles to replace and getting a new vanity, that's still some cash I'll have to shell over (Oh yeah- I forgot to mention, that beautiful picture that I posted previously about how I'm going to renovate our master bath...I finally came to the harsh realization that the money from the IRS is going to go to those granite counter tops I'm dying for, the new garage door we just got yesterday, and the landscaping changes and additions in the front of the I've been brainstorming Plan B).
Anyways--- Monday morning walking into work I thought to myself "Man I really wish I just had a lot of Home Depot gift cards that I got as gifts just sitting around". Then it hit me! I had SO many Amex points and you can redeem gift cards for them. I immediately get on the website and better yet they are ON SALE!!! 20% instead of using 5000 points for $50 it's only 4000....I'm I spend 52000 points and 3 days later these arrive on my front door. You have no idea how excited I am because it's essentially a free bathroom thanks to Deloitte. I have to say, that year of my life I can now declare officially worth it!!!!

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