Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Some exciting things were happening at Hallmark Cards today in the Retail finance department! Since about January, Jackie and I have been working in a little section all alone with about 8-9 other cubes. We are next to a main aisle so when people realize that is where I sit and they walk by it every day their reaction is always "Man- I always wondered who sits there---how lonely". Well, it's actually not that bad with Jackie is there because we have plenty to talk about and some of our conversations, I'm sure others do not want to hear....but it was nice to have company when I first started.

Since about February, the rumors have been flying about what group was going to move into our area and when. That whole month went by and no activity.....and the rumor mill flew through a few different groups, when they finally landed on CSG (Corporate Store Group- which is what I work in) HR department. It made since because their boss has an office over by us. After that was determined then the timing rumors began. A couple weeks ago, they did host a birthday celebration over where they are eventually going to sit- which is GREAT because the more parties/celebrations/gatherings the better. Those are my favorite at work!!

Anyways, I'm obviously making a really quick/short store incredibly long and drawn out, but I mean if you know me then you are probably used to it. The best news of this story is that the move started today. These two facilities guys came over and spent 1/2 the day tearing down the cubes right against ours since all of HRs file cabinets will go there and then I guess by tomorrow they'll have their cubes ready. (who knew that could take so long).

Here are the pictures to prove it! (PS I had to wait until Jackie went to the bathroom and I quickly shot some pics. Otherwise explaining why I was taking pictures of empty cubicles would've been pretty interesting I'm sure!)

The empty area, where they'll be moving in!

The construction site.

Yeah for new friends @ work!!


  1. 2nd paragraph, 5th line down in it, you used "since" wrong. It should be sense. :)

  2. Thank you English major Carter.

  3. I noticed that too...sorry Britt. I wasn't going to say anything though. Oh and can I just say that those pictures are not at all what I thought your work looked like.