Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Homeowner Disaster #2: Averted

Although this incident took place over a week ago, I still truly believe that it needs to make the blog because it was hilarious- after the fact of course. And don't worry Lauren is well aware that this was making the blog. She said she's embarrassed, but I mean it's just too funny not to share.

A typical Sunday night at the house. Jimmy had Kanatzar and Jay over to watch the NBA finals game....I was working on my attempt #1 to ask my bridesmaids in a creative way (note: I ended up using nothing from my first idea. Ha), and the four of us were down in the family room/man cave. We had both been to a wedding the night before and Lauren came home from hanging out with David all day with some leftover pizza. I am pretty sure this is how it went:

- Lauren opens up the pizza box and takes out a slice
- She puts it on a napkin and into the microwave
* Here is where the events are unknown by all parties present
- She pushes buttons on the microwave to turn it on and heat up her pizza
- She walks downstairs and talks to the four of us....we recap the weddings a little bit, start talking about this and that, I act weird when she asks me what I'm doing (obviously she can't know because she was getting one, even though that idea didn't work out), and next thing we all know about 5-10 minutes have passed
- Lauren walks up the stairs and proclaims "Is something on fire?"
- I run upstairs and there is smoke EVERYWHERE (like I'm not kidding- I thought the house was truly on fire), you can hardly breathe
- Lauren opens the microwave and her small piece of pizza is torched
- Jimmy runs upstairs and opens all the windows (everyone is coughing)
- Jay and Danny go outside and I scream to get the dogs out!!! (God forbid anything would happen to their lungs)
- We bring down fans and then all go outside saying "How in the world did that happen? How do you even set a microwave with no time limit? Do you think you set it for 10:00 instead of 1:00?"
- Then I realize that the smoke alarms never went off- and the fact that there was smoke all in the kitchen and entry hall and made it's way into the living room and up the stairs- yeah I think that means they are defective. I guess better to learn that now then when there was an actual fire...but still WTF
- We are all standing outside laughing- because although 5 minutes earlier it was a complete disaster it really wasn't that big of a deal (thank god the pizza didn't start flaming), except the fact that the kitchen smelled like fire/burnt stuff for like 5 days....
- But I still think it's funny

Lesson learned: Ensure that Lauren knows how to use all appliances :) Haha- just kidding! But just another disaster averted to mark in the books that we successfully survived!!!

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