Friday, June 19, 2009


So glad this week is finally coming to an end. What a week it has been!!!

I met with 3 photographers this week to talk about pricing, timing, and picture packages with them. All 3 were great, but I think we decided to go with the first one I met with, which is Cornerstone Photography ( The owner of the KC office (Morgan) is good friends with Nick Bates, which is one of Jimmy's good family friends. She is not actually going to be able to shoot our wedding, but she was awesome to meet with and we went over 4 different photographers portfolios until I decided on 2 that I really liked and she agreed would mesh well together on our wedding day. I'm anxious to meet them as well, but their work looked so great! The thing I am most concerned about is just the timing of everything, since our ceremony is at 2 and the reception isn't until 5:30/6 and just making sure the photographers are there long enough to capture everything. I think I'm just overreacting. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

So now that that is over, we are hoping to meet with a few DJ we are looking at---both with karaoke options, of course!! One of the ones we are meeting with says on their website (Karaoke- not recommended for weddings) we'll see what he has to say we when we say--WE WANT IT!

With only 2 vendor searches on the way or completed, that leaves what seems like a bigillion more to figure out. I'll leave that for next week :)

Anyways, on top of all that this week- I did bridal bootcamp 2 times this week and am already noticing how much stronger I have gotten. I have done it a total of 3 times so far and the first time I did like 10 push ups and wanted to give up, but of course Jennifer was there pushing me along saying "don't quit!! don't you want your shoulders to look nice and toned when you are standing at the altAr?". My answer is "yes" so I kept trying but couldn't move my arms the next day. However, after about 50 total push ups this last Wednesday, my arms barely hurt!! (Note: all 50 push ups were spread out over an hour....if I could ever do 50 at one time I'd be amazed). So that's a GREAT sign. There have been a lot more people joining the group too, so that has been awesome to meet them and encourage them throughout the work out!!! Overall, I'm just loving it because it's great to have people there 1) telling you what to do and pushing you but 2) have others to encourage you and really be positive!! Check out their website---this is the first summer for this in KC and I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Yesterday, my dad's side of the family came in town so after my meeting with the photographer I went to my parents house to eat dinner with all them, then they came over to our house and saw it!! Since I wouldn't have time to see them the rest of the weekend, they also made a trip down to Hallmark today to visit Crown Center, shop in the Double Discount Store, and see where I work!! It was a little tiring for them with all the walking, but I'm glad they made the trip down.

Tonight, we are off to the Royal's game....which should be a blast!!! Going with some Hallmark folks and Vanessa, Chris, Jimmy, and Emily....I'm really really excited about it and we're going to meet some new friends which is always a good time.

THEN- Erica gets in town from Dallas tonight so she and Liz will be the first shackers in our new guest room (oh yeah- I finished painting that last Sunday, we bought a bed and have a bed spread and everything now!! I'll post pics of that soon!). Then we are all headed off to Manhattan for Myers wedding festivities!!! Yeah for a fun filled Saturday!

Sunday....I'll be taking Erica back to the airport to head back to Dallas then celebrating father's day with my dad and then the Carter's later that night. Come Sunday night, I can tell you one thing I'm going to be dying for: SLEEP.


  1. 4th paragraph, 6th line down....its spelled altar not alter, FYI :)

  2. Thank you. That misspelling was just annoying me so much, I couldn't get past it. I should guest write on this thing, and let everyone get my perspective on you.