Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phi Slamma Jamma rules

Lauren and David- a great team :) Lauren has a mean serve
The "coach" himself in an awesome tank

Last night was our first sand volleyball game- and boy was it fun!! More fun than I ever imagined. Of course since Jimmy signed us up for the league, our name is Phi Slamma Jamma. Which is ok, but it's just so typical.
Team Roster includes the following:
Jimmy Carter
David Hart
Dave Rickard
John Turek
Mike Owens (new addition!)
Lauren Young
Miranda Myer
Emily McClelland
Brittany Bruns
and Jen Gray (new addition and SO excited to have her!!)
We won all 3 games last night against a team that has been playing together since 1988. Actually I made that up, but I heard one of them say something about 1988 when I was standing by the net, so I thought I'd throw that in there. So far we are 1-0!!! Hopefully we can keep it up!!!

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