Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The weekend and the Strikers debut!

This weekend Tim and Shellie (Jimmy's oldest brother and his wife) went out of town so we volunteered to help Jimmy's mom and dad throughout the weekend take care of their 3 kids: Libbie (6, almost 7, years old), Ben (4.5 years old) and Kenlie (just a little over 2 years old). And they are so freaking cute!! They are three of the seven (yes- 7!!) nieces and nephews I will be officially acquiring upon our marriage on April 10 :) And I couldn't be "adopting" a cuter bunch of kids!!!

Anyways, so our Friday night consisted of going to Splash Cove- which is a kids water park/swimming pool near the Carter's house off of Johnson Drive and Quivira. We have been there a couple times with them and it's always entertaining. This time, Libbie made sure to assign partners so no one got separated (I mean it's really not THAT big of a place, but I guess if you are a little kid it would seem like that- plus she's always the responsible older sister!). The pairs were as follows:

Libbie = Brittany

Ben = Jimmy

Kenlie = Mrs. Carter (aka Grana)

After a delicious dinner of chicken patties, french fries, and cottage cheese- Libbie always helps plan the menu when they stay with Grana and Pops- we were off.

The place is always packed and full of kids and their parents, but it's always hilarious. There is this one big bucket that fills up with about 40 gallons of water and then a bell rings and the bucket slowly turns over spilling all the water over the kids in that area. Needless to say it's always one of those things the kids are like "do we like this or not?". So they always do it and end up laughing even though they get water up their nose. So after about 15 times up and down the slides (the blue one is the most fun- and yes, Jimmy and I go with them and wait in line. We actually almost got in a fight with these rude kids because they kept cutting in line. Jimmy said something to them but the just laughed and cut again. Jerks), some time in the wave pool, showcasing what they learned in swimming lessons, and clapping as Uncle Jimmy comes out the bottom of the BIG slide and splashes in the water - you have to be over 4ft to go on this one, so it's a big deal- we were off to the concession stand for popsicles. After those got all over their swimsuits we took a few more dips, jumps in the pool, and turns down the slide and it was bed time. THANK GOD- because at that point I was exhausted and couldn't imagine why anyone would ever think it was a good idea to have kids! But then after we got home and laughed at how funny they were and what amazing kids they are with such hilarious personalities- I realized why people do- just not for a while!

Saturday was outdoor demolition- thanks to Mike, Jimmy, my dad, and Jay! I was the errand runner. Like I said, once I find my camera cord---there will be before and after pics---including one of the broken sledge hammer. Yes they worked THAT hard. Then we laid at Kanatzar's pool for a couple hours then back to our house because the Carter family (some of them) were coming over for hot dogs- per Libbie's menu pick.

Libbie, Ben, Kenlie, Mrs. & Mr. Carter, Pat, Trish, Eli, Katy, Bobby, and Hillary all came over to grill hot dogs, "play" and just hang out that night. Our house was a mess- but I got over that. Libbie had given me specific instructions to bring over Barbie's for her and Ben to play with. So we played with them for a while (I brought over a pregnant Barbie and then they hosted a baby shower for her and then something else happened- I think the whole new family went for a ride in the red convertible?), then ate, and played rock band. Which ended in Ben getting a little too excited on the drums and hitting Kenlie in the head with one of the sticks and everyone going home because Kenlie needed to go to bed. What a night :)

Sunday, I successfully put together a new dresser for our room- and I did a very good job if I must say so myself). Then we picked up Libbie and took her out to Lone Elm park for her 3:30 T-ball game. This was when we got to see the Strikers in action. Haha they were so cute!! They actually only had 3 players when the game started so they borrowed 3 from the other team. The whole concept is hilarious because they all stand on the in field and then it's kind of 1/2 coach pitch and 1/2 t-ball. They get 3 swings first and then if they miss those, they get to hit off the tee. Libbie was always ahead of the pitch....but she sure got some great hits off of the tee!!! I was a great aunt-to-be Libbie Carter cheering section!!! Here's a video that Jimmy got of one of her at-bats! The whole teams just bats all the way through the roster 3 times and then the game is done....so no outs, etc. It took me a while to catch onto the rules because I'm a little competitive and didn't understand, but they all had a good time. One of her teammates really liked playing in the dirt too :)

After the game, we went back to the Carters for a yummy Mexican dinner and Tim and Shellie got back from their trip (it was their 10 year anniversary!) and it was SO cute to see how excited the kids all were to see them. And then I went home and passed out of extreme exhaustion from hanging out with 3 kids all weekend long. End of story.

PS- I forgot to mention the fact that the other team was HARD CORE and when they were in the field, every time before the pitcher pitched the first basemen who was a cute little girl would yell "READY" and then the rest of the team would yell "SET". A little intimidating to the batter and a little extreme- they are 6 and 7!!! haha

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  1. Wow that was exhausting just reading that. Y ou didn't even mention the annoying girls yelling "Ready!, Set" before every pitch. Nor the fact that after Dinner on Sunday you made us go work out and go see Bobby and Hillary's new house.