Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy birthday to Barb :)

Last Sunday, 6/14 it was my mom's birthday...so I figure what better way to pay tribute to her than make her the *STAR* of my blog post. (Please tell me that someone reading just thought of the queen of ***BeStIeS*** herself). Anyways....her birthday did not kick off so well- however if Jimmy really would have called her at midnight when we were out at Kennedy's like he pretended he was doing, that might have been amusing because a) Jimmy was drunk from tailgating all day starting @ 2PM and then going to the Royal's game and b) my mom was on pain pills from hurting her back in the midst of the hot tub move that Saturday morning. So you can just imagine with those 2 combinations...it probably would have been quite the conversation!

We were planning on going to church on Sunday morning also, but I got a text as I was getting ready that said "I'm in bed- cannot move, will not make it to church". So I had to guess she wasn't too happy. In the mean time, I met my dad at church and then he went to a meeting about his upcoming Africa mission trip all day, I went to Home Depot and thought of some great design ideas and bought some paint (pictures on the results of that trip and a blog post to come), and I'm pretty sure my mom slept and tried to recover all day. POOR BARB. What a miserable way to spend the day of your birthday!!

But then we all met at Stroud's for a birthday dinner celebration and she was feeling better, so that's great. Nothing like fried chicken and delicious cinamonn rolls to celebrate a great year! Then I made my parents come back to our house and see all the work on the guest room I had done all weekend---and they complimented it, so that was great!!

Anyways, here is a picture tribute to Barb Bruns, the best mom ever! (I really wanted to post some old pictures of her from college, because her hair was so long and she is hot...but I do not have a scanner. I need one)

Our wonderful family. We need Jimmy, Milly, Willy, and Toby for the next family shot because they are "official" almost! (well M&W already are)

Ah Mom's weekend. This is when Barb gets crazy! Haha

And her facebook profile pic, which I think is cut out from the first picture because I see my hair. Add her as a friend :)
Love you mom!!!

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