Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Homeowner disaster #1: Averted

As as I thought the whole process of deciding to buy a house, looking, deciding, the whole "make an offer" then "counter" then "counter again" thing....THEN getting a mortgage and loan blah blah stuff wasn't enough, actually owning a home can prove to be quite a task in itself. Especially when you buy one that is 50 years old!

Our first big incident happened on Sunday night. The washer and dryer are in the sub basement (so not finished and off the garage) and we got a free washer and then bought an old dyer on Craigslist for $75. After finally getting a plumber to come over and install new cold/hot things (the cold hose was sodder onto the old ones and we couldn't get it off), we were SO excited to finally be able to wash our clothes. If you know Lauren, you probably can guess she was more excited than me because I secretly thinks she loves doing laundry because she loves cleanliness---and that's a wonderful trait to have :) But anyways, I walked downstairs to put my newly purchased dryer sheets on the table next to the washer and saw water covering 1/2 of the basement. Actually- that was me was probably only 1/4...but really who cares? There was water pumping out on the floor!! Lauren's blankets were still in the machine so we just let the cycle finish up but then we were presented with figuring out why the heck water was pumping out and not in to the washer.

So Jimmy was there (luckily) and we turned over the washer to peek inside. Well...since the poor old thing had been sitting in Carly's garage for a while, it was pretty dirty with some bugs and spider webs making their home in there. We searched around and found a black pipe just hanging down. BINGO. So we now identified the problem, but how do we fix it? Yeah- 45 minutes later we were still asking that same question. Pretty much, Jimmy had to stick his long arm up the height of the washer and force the pipe back to where it belonged but he couldn't figure out how to get the clamp to stay because we couldn't get the side panel off of the washer to view it easily (that was a fun pre-marital experience trying to rip open the side of a washer). Then Jimmy sucks up all the water with my parents wet/dry vac that they left in our garage....except we find out the next day that he was using the "dry" function so the filter was ruined. We are so smart.

End of story: we go to bed and I am angry because I really wanted/needed to wash clothes.

New day-----Roger the "I fix it all and can solve anything" savior comes over right after I get off work on MOnday. He assesses the situation...heads to Home Depot and after some yelling and rejoicing, the washer is fixed with a tight clamp on the top of the pipe that decided to dangle only a day previously. Of course, as we were looking at it initiially, another pipe broke that sends the water through the plumbing- but my dad got stuff and fixed that as well. I am now going to be his PR person and help him jump start his "handy man" career. I am convinced he is a miracle worker. Reserve him early and often- only $50/hr (I get $15 of it obviously as I am getting him the business).

Ok- I was kidding, but owning a house is just SO fun at times and other times makes me want to scream. We did just sign a request for a city permit to put up a 6 ft fence, and when my dad came over to my house this morning bright and early at 7:30---Brinks was coming over to install our security system and I had to be there to sign paperwork, but he wanted to be there to make sure he installed it "correctly"---he had even more ideas about how to build a shadow box fence, fixing up our front porch, and putting in a patio on the east part of the backyard. Does he ever sleep? My mom is having him put in new hardwood floors in their master bedroom at my parents house- so now we have to split his time between my projects and hers. I guess she does deserve to get him the majority of the time....I mean he is her husband and all :)

PS And our new furniture was just delivered from NFM for the "man cave". So exciting!!

Could have been Jimmy and I taking the washer BACK up the stairs. Wait- I am too weak to lift stuff like that, so probably Jimmy and my dad.

Roger the handy fix-it man to the RESCUE!

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