Monday, May 31, 2010

It is Toby's birthday!

Toby turned 7 years old today :) Instead of a doggie cupcake- he got a grilled hot dog...with a candle. Willy was not happy, but he did end up getting 1/4 of one (Milly got the other 1/4).

I got back in town in time today to celebrate with Toby and the rest of the family---and Danny of course. Toby has been a great dog and been with Jimmy through it all. He adopted him his sophomore year of college from a PetsMart in Kansas City. Went through a break up, meeting me, starting our relationship, then ending that relationship for awhile, then back together with his now mom...and then our wedding. Now he's a full time resident with me as well, and I really do love having a big dog! I love taking him on long runs, how he protects the house when Jimmy is not around, and lots of other things. He loves the backyard and his new brother and here's to 7 + more years Tobias! Hope the hot dog made your day Toby!!!!


  1. Tyson's is today too!!!!!!! 1 year old!! How funny!