Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Babymoon adventure: numero uno

Randomly on a Tuesday or Wednesday a week or so ago, Erica and I were emailing back and forth and boom - it was set.  Erica and Andrew were free that weekend; we were free that weekend.  So that meant babymoon trip #1 to Omaha.

First off, I need to fill you in on this whole babymoon thing.  Since we just went to Vegas and LA in December...not planning on that being a babymoon and there are lots of other expenditures going out right now...I told Jimmy we weren't going to do a big ole babymoon trip to Mexico, or some place like that.  I really wanted to, but probably wasn't super fiscally responsible, right?  Well, then my friend that I work with went to Mexico for a few days with her husband for her 30th birthday and oh.my.gosh.  I completely regretted that decision after hearing all about her trip and the sunshine, food, relaxation and was sending Jimmy all these emails like "let's go to Mexico, I found some flights, etc".  While my poor husband is sending emails back to me saying "I'm confused...you keep saying we need to save money and you are the one that wants to remodel the bathroom."  Sorry Jimmy, I know I am confusing myself.  Because I kept thinking how this will be the LAST vacation we will ever go on when it's just us.

So here's what we decided.  We would take some road trips and short flights (if priced reasonably) to see friends, as we want to do that, but probably won't have time, energy or money after the baby is born.  And that's what we are doing.  Hence, Omaha became round 1 of the Carter Babymoon Adventures.

We left for Omaha early Saturday morning and got there around lunch - Erica and Andrew treated us to a delicious homemade salad while we scared the crap out of them with our day care stories....haha, sorry you two.  Then we searched for some Toms for Erica and Jimmy, which Erica found some, but apparently the entire city of Omaha does not have men's Toms.  I told Jimmy that was a sign.  And after that, to downtown Starbucks and went on a cold/breezy walk.

Then we had to head to the Old Mattress Factory, which is Jimmy's favorite place apparently in Omaha, to eat, watch the KU game and meet some of Erica's fun work friends!!  The food was good, the game was good and the company was even better.  Two highlights: Erica showing Jimmy an app on her iPhone linked to the juke box (luckily we'll be getting ours pretty soon) and getting to play photo hunt AGAIN with Jimmy.

The worst part?  I never took one picture...of people...without dogs.  Because I did take some pictures when we got home of the dogs.  Duh. Della wanted to sleep with us.

Me snuggling with Della boo 
Erica hugging Dieter!!
Jimmy and Della sporting the Royal's hat
 And finally - Della the next morning back in bed.  Haha, so cute!!

Sunday morning I was up early (as usual) and when I got out of the shower, Erica and Andrew were already hard at work in the kitchen cooking up a completely delicious breakfast.  Egg whites, fruit and hashbrowns. I felt like I was at a bed and breakfast.  They were pretty amazing hosts.  We had to get home that afternoon for a Carter birthday celebration (Granny, Ben and Norah's birthdays....) so that meant for an early departure after breakfast, but it was such a wonderful weekend with friends.  

Part 1 of the babymoon was quite fun and the drive wasn't bad either (Jimmy was nice enough to drive and I worked there and back, what a great guy).  Thanks again Wassinger's for a wonderful weekend!! Please come to KC soon!

Other babymoon adventures??  We are thinking maybe a trip to OKC to visit the Courtney and Brian (and steal baby advice from the OBGYN herself!!) and hoping to find some good tickets to visit Vanessa and Chris (and see her pregnant belly!!) and Katie and Barry!  Emily suggested we go to Denver too!  Can we even fit it all in?  So fun because now there are lots of little things to look forward to as we count down to Baby Carter's arrival!  In the mean time, we need to make a better effort to hang out with our KC friends too - ahh!!!


  1. If you hop down to OKC, please stop in Wichita! And time it around when baby Pat gets here. :)

    1. Oh my gosh...yes we for sure will!! I actually was just writing your baby shower card and wrote that same thing!! So funny!!!

  2. I vote Denver... who cares about the other people... JUST KIDDING! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate :) Even though I am NOT pregnant, I have a list compiled on of the trips I want to take while pregnant.